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    nice slow salsa songs

    I need these songs for teaching salsa. So a beginner should be able to dance to it. Therefore the songs shut be between 140 and 180 bpm. I do not want to slow the songs down. I prefer to use the original songs for teaching salsa.
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    nice slow salsa songs

    hi, I am looking for nice slow salsa songs to practice dancing like Breakaway - Lex Eazy and the Mambo Club Acid - Ray Barreto Classical Gas - Al Delory
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    name of really fast salsa songs....

    Para Los Rumberos - Tito Puente Welcome To The Party - The Har-You Percussion Group Mambo King - Tito Puente Oya Ye Ye Snowboy - The Latin Section La Malanga - Eddie Palmieri San Dunga - Dave Pike Que Se Sepa - Roberto Roena Arinanara - Fruko Y Sus Tesos Take Five - Tito Puente