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    I just tried 2 classes and I think I'm in love with this class, I just get confused when they count a bounce as a step. Im a guy and this is my first dance style I ever learned. I'm not great but I just act like I know what I'm doing and almost all the girls buy into it lol. Oh and what is a...
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    What kind of dance should I learn?

    Are swing and salsa classes full of more girls than guys like what's the ratios. I know I know we come to classes to dance, but dancing is used to attract women. I won't be hitting on girls 24/7 but it would be nice to meet a nice girl or two.
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    What kind of dance should I learn?

    Wow thanks for the suggestions, lindy hop looks amazing, these dancers are on crack!!
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    What kind of dance should I learn?

    I'm completely new to dancing, I have never ever danced before in my life. I wish to learn how to dance so if ever a girl wants to dance, I'm not standing there looking at the floor. My university has really cheap student courses. I want to learn a dance that shows class, I hate club stuff like...