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    Cancun Travel Question

    No salsa dancing for me. Not sure if still there...where was it located?
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    Cancun Travel Question

    What did you end up doing? We bagged Chichen Itza due to a pretty full schedule already, but did drive down to Xel-ha and Tulum, Akumal and Playa del Carmen. No issues with the car or roads and never felt unsafe for a moment while in Mexico.
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    Cancun Travel Question

    We go on the 6th, but don't get back to NJ til very late the evening of the won't be in time. If we have WiFi at the hotel I might be able to post here. Our plan (right now) is to go that Wednesday. We thought we'd take the car to get to the boat for Isla Mujeres, Tulum as well as...
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    Cancun Travel Question

    Tiny Dancer, Funny you bring this up...we too are going to Mexico in early April and are renting a car too. One of the day trips on the list was Chichen Itza, figuring we could pick up a guide right there. When do you leave? If we do go through with it, I can let you know how it goes. I do...
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    Kids dance studio NJ?

    Try Rising Stars in Saddle Brook, NJ...Maks Chmerkovskiy's kids studio in Bergen Cty.
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    Wedding Gift Ideas for couples age 35+

    As someone who recently got (re)married well into my 30's, i too would say skip the registry -- no one really uses the waffle maker or pizza stone more than once -- and go with: Fun -- gift cards for experiences such as restaurants, classes they can do as a couple (cooking, wine, dance!)...
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    IDSF World Latin Dancesport Championships--November 13, 2010

    Must have been right next to you as those were my neighbors too! Ditto on the chin drool and deaf right ear!
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    yesterday's activities

    Is there any other way to pronounce 'coffee'?!? ;)
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    happy b-day samina

    Happy belated birthday, Sam! Hope you had a great day doing all the things you enjoy most!
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    Manhattan Dancesport Championship 2010

    62...WOW! Is that a record?!?
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    Manhattan Dancesport Championship 2010

    B definitely has more competitors than A, but Manhattan is a big enough comp where A is quite contested as well. Not only is it large, but typically high quality dancers are in attendance. I would definitely go for it! I'll be there..spectating pro latin on Friday night and dancing pro/am...
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    Philly Festival 2010--Live Streaming Broadcasts!

    CCM, Are you coming to watch or are you sitting this one out? I'm dancing Saturday afternoon, but skipping the evening events this year.
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    Blackpool 2010

    Are entry lists up anywhere yet? Can't seem to locate them if they are...
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    yesterday's activities

    Oh my god, CCM...goosebumps! For the sheep and her instincts, for her baby, for you and the woman who runs the farm not knowing what you'd find, for your daughter and her passion early on. Wow...what a great opportunity for both of you.
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    yesterday's activities

    Hey CCM, Welcome to my world...feel the same way about jive! Keep seeing your references to WW...are you actively doing it now too? Depending on the day, I'm down somewhere around 9 doing WW. Logged in this AM to find out because I lost weight, I get one less point than I did...