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    Which Certification Organization Is Best?

    @Larinda McRaven I know not every organization has their own syllabus, so I'll have to pick a syllabus to test eventually. I didn't explicitly say so because I know that some orgs require certification with their own syllabus like DVIDA, while some allow you to pick from several American...
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    Which Certification Organization Is Best?

    Throwaway oversway is explicitly forbidden in silver in the USA Dance or NDCA syllabi, which is what most non-franchise American comps use.
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    Which Certification Organization Is Best?

    By 'best' I mean to ask which organization is most respected/is the hardest/requires the most technique to be demonstrated. I'm looking at the list of "Certifying Organizations of the National Dance Council" on the NDCA website. For your convenience, here is the list: Arthur Murray...
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    Training Hours: How do you allocate?

    I'll contribute to the thread necro-ing. Collegiate dancer here double majoring in physics and math, so when I'm not studying I'm dancing, and vice versa. 1. Aerobic activity (non-dancing): well, I walk 2-3 miles M-F just getting around my very hilly campus. I keep meaning to actually get into...
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    Funniest things that students have said to dance instructors

    Instructor talking about something, I don't know what, maybe hip action: "On a scale of one to ten, you're at about a 4." Me: "Hmph. I am at least a 7."