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    closed gold scholarships?

    I have not, but I will add it to my list. Maybe next year:) thank you for the info!
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    closed gold scholarships?

    Can anyone provide info on which (pro/am) competitions have closed gold scholarships? I'm specifically interested in scholarships, vs. other multi-dance or single dance options. (Standard, if it matters, though ime if they offer closed gold for one style they offer for all) I'm not looking for...
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    How to stop dragging my partner down?

    idk if it will help you but some of the mental tricks I play on myself: "wow it takes a lot of work to hold my arms up ... this is exhausting!! I can't imagine what it must be like for a guy to have to hold up his own arms AND his partner's arms" (that's my guilt trip) even though I dance...
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    Rhinestone Question....

    I have this thing mounted on my wall, and I made labels for the outside of the drawers. I love it. http://www.
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    Park West Photography Took my Money and Never Delivered

    I am so sorry about your experience Caw; I would be beyond frustrated if I were you. I agree with the previous recommendations to send a certified letter and contact BBB; legal aid if you feel it is worth the cost. On a side note, this thread makes me feel slightly less insane for allowing who...
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    For the pro-am competitors....

    thank you Larinda for collecting an AM perspective :) Do you purchase the competitions directly from the organizer? Meaning do you fill out your own forms and write your check to the organizer? Or do you write your check to a teacher/studio/middleman/wholesaler? I have always filled...
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    HELP! I don't have a crush on my dance instructor, and I need advice!

    I haven't read anything in this discussion that I haven't witnessed personally, so I guess 'yes' to the creepy question. Though I think in most cases it's more confusion/not knowing any better than creep factor. five stars for the refreshing entertainment :)
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    Ohio Star Ball 2014

    was there a prohibition on photos, or professional photographers, because of the PBS thing this year? Sorry if I missed that somewhere. Just have not seen as many pics online as usual.
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    Washington Open DanceSport Competition May 1st - May 3rd, 2015

    bringing back Katusha and Arunas this year? :)
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    What would you say to yourself as a beginner?

    sounds like you could write a book fasc!
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    What would you say to yourself as a beginner?

    ROFL:D "listen to your teacher but trust your intuition"
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    You Know you are Addicted to Dancing when...

    An hour before first job interview in years, should be studying resume, application, or job requirements. Instead, browsing results & professional photos from recent dance competition (& I didn't even dance at that one).
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    You Know you are Addicted to Dancing when...

    hahahaha. SO TRUE!!