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    Your Favorite Tunes for: WEST COAST SWING

    Give it back - dont know the artist though
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    What's Your Favorite Dance?

    I love line dancing because you can put your own style into it and I like CW music I love free style because you dont need to worry about a partner I love West Coast Swing because it is a very interpretative dance and its sexy
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    Arjay Centeno/Melissa Rutz/Deborah Szekely Tandem Follower Strictly

    Wow, they are sooo talented!
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    WCS lessons in NE area?

    A few Boston dances are listed on this site: Like Jenny said, there is Dancing Feats and Dance Boston there are a few more listed on there too... hope that helps.
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    Mad Jam 2008 was great

    MadJam was a great time! Music was good, dancers were fun. The pickle shot party was fun too....a bit too much fun if you know what I mean. Gripes were that it was crowded for late night though and the comps ran late until 5:30 or something on Sunday.