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    Dancing With the Stars Season 18

    Candace was robbed. I don't know much about AT, but in my opinion her performance deserved more than what the judges gave her. Much better than Charlie's. The judging (that may not be the best word) continues to deteriorate and to show evidence of pushing toward predetermined outcomes.
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    How Should I Dance To "Rainbow Connection"?

    I found a nice slower rendition of The Rainbow Connection (about 96 bpm) that would be good for waltz, but it has no vocal/lyrics which might be important for the OP. See (hear) this version on the album "Fifty Relaxing Piano Classics" (2011) available on iTunes.
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    Playing Host to a Ballroom Full Of Ladies Until the Music Ends

    We have sailed on the Queen Mary 2 every year (for the past 10 yrs) and were present in the Queen's Room when the WSJ pictures and video were made (Fall of 2012). We travel (and dance every evening) with three other couples, but only one of us is visible in the video (he is about 6' 4" tall)...
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    DWTS Season 17

    Has there ever been an evening with less connection between the music and the types of dancing? I'm not a fan of Cher, but her music is okay... it is just not ok for most ballroom dances. (Maybe somewhere in her discography there is something suitable for ballroom, but don't ask me to search for...
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    So Where Should I Start?

    Amen!! Though it may lengthen/steepen the learning curve a bit, the effort to learn some basic technique along with basic dance figures will pay for itself in many ways over time. The rub is in getting the anxious beginning social dancer to understand this. ("I've learned where my feet are...
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    Causing No Pain

    Yes. Over the years I've danced [smooth] with a few women who seem to have a habit of 'pumping' their arms, bouncing, weaving, swaying, etc. or leaning toward me or even 'hanging' on my arms. I too have encountered the sturdier lady who wants me to provide much of the energy needed to move her...
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    Any suggestions for 'Thank You' and/or 'Goodbye' Waltz?

    I'm well aware of this, piimapoika. I probably did not make it clear enough that my short list of suggestions is based on the quality and danceability of the instrumental performances noted, not on any lyrics that may exist. (Thanks for the YouTube link.)
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    Any suggestions for 'Thank You' and/or 'Goodbye' Waltz?

    Welcome to Dance Forums, Jeremy. I presume you are looking for something that would have a rather light, positive mood and not come off as mushy or romantic. I've looked through a bunch of waltz music in my collection and don't see anything that would likely fill your needs... in terms of...
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    Am I too old to learn?

    Welcome to Dance Forums, LaurenElle! You are probably fine with this. If in reasonably good health, you are probably never too old to start; but I speak mostly of ballroom dancing... I know little to nothing about "modern" dancing. This forum's primary focus is ballroom, but there may well be...
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    New Music for Christmas Dances

    For something on the silly side: Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer (1978); The Irish Rovers' Albums Songs of Christmas or An Irish Christmas. Makes a pretty good foxtrot at about 120 bpm. Available on iTunes. A Christmas tango? How about We Three Kings? Find it on Christmas South of the...
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    Classical Ballroom Music

    How about Stranger In Paradise written for the musical Kismet (1953), but based directly on the Borodin opera Prince Igor (Russia, 1880s)? (Gliding Dance of the Maidens is one of the Polovetsian Dances in the opera according to my sources.) Try the Peres Blanca Band rendition on "Strictly...
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    Ballroom Dance Magazine for Social & Competitive Dancers

    Welcome to Dance-Forums, Tara. As a "serious" social dancer, I'd personally like to see something like this -- but with more focus on social dancing. My guess is that it would be difficult to attract very many 'typical' social dancers... those many, many thousands who enjoy dancing only as a...
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    Song Title Game

    On The Street Where You Live - Vic Damon
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    Classic ballroom dance songs

    If you have any beginners or novices, a steady tempo and clearly audible beats are especially important. All of the waltz music examples I suggested above (post #8 in this thread) are "slow" and all the samples I referred to have tempi appropriate for American social dancing. Very difficult...
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    Classic ballroom dance songs

    Hello ms.m and welcome to Dance-Forums! Here are a few of our favorites often performed by (mostly) string orchestras. Most can be sampled at the iTunes Store or Amazon dot com or similar. WALTZ -- Romance (a.k.a. Giochi Proibiti or Jeux Interdits) -- Alfred Hause version is great, but...