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    Whining Thread #2

    <whine>My tango teaching partner is one of the best dancers I've worked with. Light on her feet, extremely responsive to the lead, very precise in her movement. She also was a "professional dancer" in the past, and often dances like a total slut. Although I seem to be the envy of many male...
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    What do you think comes first...

    In my case, it is technique that fosters any appearance of passion, however illusory that passion may be. My wife and I are passionate about the dance as well as each other. We've been told that our love for one-another is sometimes visible on the dance floor. I also have a teaching partner...
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    Master private class?

    In my experience, basic technique is not well taught in workshops. My wife and I had been dancing for several years, taking workshops/classes the entire time, but it wasn't until we took privates that I really learned how to walk. Seven consecutive days, one hour per day, of nothing except...
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    How do you get Dance invitations

    I attended a milonga last night. Six women without escorts were sitting together. I'm acquainted with them and know that they are not excellent dancers, but they are certainly adequate. And they were clearly hoping to dance - beautiful shoes and dressed up. However, rather than look around the...
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    Miles apart embrace

    Okay. This is unclear. Does she make contact with her right hand, allowing for the open side of the connection? If so, that's half the battle. Is she willing to make contact, her hand on the lead's arm, say holding on gently below the bicep, on the closed side of the embrace? If so, that is...
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    Miles apart embrace

    I am currently teaching tango to a woman who has personal space issues. Her "embrace" only allows my right hand to be placed on her left lat - not even her spine. Her left hand grasps my right arm just below my bicep. By her paying close attention to her right arm - firm but not rigid, not...
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    (Dance) Partners: for better or worse

    That isn't precisely what she asked, but it is your very rational interpretation. Oh? I agree that this isn't a man speak vs woman speak question, and yes, men need affirmation as much, or sometimes more, than women when they are new to a dance. However, I would think that an end of season...
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    (Dance) Partners: for better or worse

    I have danced almost daily with my partner for nearly 12 years on the floor in our home. We don't do much new stuff, but EVERY time we dance, I learn new things. Things about the connection, how to improve upon stuff I thought I knew well, my posture, the precision of my steps, etc. Since she is...
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    Newbie need advice

    I find that beginners dancing with beginners doesn't always work out as hoped. I think your plan is good, Steve, but do agree with RiseNFall. Stick with the privates even when you do go to group.
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    Most Popular Social Dance for 20-somethings?

    I'm in the rural American west. No partner dance comes even close to CW 2-step, irrespective of age.
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    Platform for Efficient Learning for Dance

    I never buy internet based subscription services. I never buy anything that sounds like a pig in a poke. Twice screwed. If the technique is worth subscribing to, why can't the first half dozen sessions be free? Let customers experience the powerful techniques first hand.
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    Men who "can't" - i.e. won't even try to - dance.

    It's true that what got me started dancing was a woman. That relationship lasted a month or so, but my love of dance is still going strong over 30 years later. I think that role model is is big, as is the American vision of what's "manly". Cowboy culture is one place in which partner dance is...
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    Men who "can't" - i.e. won't even try to - dance.

    Of course not. What Mr 4 styles said. The thread is about getting men to start dancing, not what keeps them dancing.
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    Men who "can't" - i.e. won't even try to - dance.

    My wife is smart, beautiful, kind, and a dozen years younger than I. How come I'm with her? In part, because she, a former ballerina, loves to dance and won't be with someone who can't. I teach, and have two bright, wonderful and stunningly beautiful women (no exaggeration) as private students...
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    Jive styles dilemma

    Larinda is spot on. I dance Lindy, Balboa and Argentine Tango. If a follow isn't trained at some level, good luck. Lindy Hoppers who can dance Charleston still can't make the (easy) bridge to Bal. Tango Dancers, even though they are accustomed to a totally improvised dance, can't make the bridge...