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    When starting C2S

    No, not offhand, but I'll ask at class. what makes it difficult for me, at least right now, is learning one way and when I go out, everything Ive learned in class is pretty much useless..for Country two step anyway. Country waltz is pretty much the same.
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    When starting C2S

    I've been taught @ Dance class that the two step is SSQQ, and when I go to the clubs to dance its opposite, or QQS QQS then there are other dancers just out on the floor dancing to their own rhythm and moves. I was telling someone the other day I think there must be a gazillion ways to dance to...
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    Rotating partners- is this a problem for some of you married men?

    rotating in class, no. Our Instructors say its good to get to dance with others so you can feel different leads and follows..I enjoy the rotation. Now being at the club with her and me dancing with other females, yes. She admits she has jealousy issues. I go by myself on Wed nights and dance as...
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    Yes Indeedy..

    I danced in Bronze class for the first time tonight... woot!! Class was Cha Cha.. Just had to share.. :rocker:
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    biggest current dance struggle....

    remembering the steps, trying to learn more, trying to be less stiff, finding a reliable dance partner who knows how to dance..
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    It's Friday ... Are You Going Dancing?

    Went Friday night.. Had Fun, Danced with one of my daughters and my wife.. Which was lucky for me.. Wife has a torn up knee and the daughter is not really into country dancing...I had fun :)
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    You Know you are Addicted to Dancing when...

    LMAO that's hilarious.. Going to sleep at night and the last thing you remember is quick quick, slow slow or was it slow quick quick..:cool:
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    Word Association

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    Word Association

    6 pack
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    How to win Ballroom Competitions

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    body movement / proper dance

    Cowboys is a nice place. big Dance floor and nice stage for some good concerts. 8)
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    forever - Chris Brown. - Bachata Mercy by Duffy. tho I'm not sure what dance goes with it yet. I think Tango or maybe Salsa?
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    body movement / proper dance

    yes I've seen several couples dance like that, guy usually has a cold beer in hand when doing that, but not always. maybe one of these days I can setup a live webstream from one of the clubs here, so you can see some of the live dancing. Some are really talented. from watching the dancers I...
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    Word Association

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    body movement / proper dance

    Murray teaches slow slow quick quick. At the saloon or dance hall, the dancers do numerous versions of country dance, I went last night after class, and sat and watched the dancers, some were in time with the music some were not. I saw triple step, two step, a mix of both, and some I have no...