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    How long to wait before asking follower again?

    So I danced with a follower at a milonga and it went terribly; mostly my fault since I was not giving nearly enough body lead and too much arm movement (I know this is a weakness of mine and have to work on this constantly). So after one dance she said (nicely) that she simply couldn't follow...
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    Is Tango a declining matter?

    That's me, unfortunately, although I haven't (and won't) completely drop out as my spouse very much likes tango. Despite my best efforts, which admittedly are not as "serious" or "concentrated" as most people on here, in 10 years of trying to learn tango I've yet to have a single dance where...
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    Not touchy feely

    Nice post considering what day it is.
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    Not touchy feely

    Didn't you have your fish billy with you?
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    Does this type of milonga exist anywhere on the planet?

    Unfortunately I'm one of those "perpetual beginners" (leader) and after more than 10 years have realized that tango simply isn't my dance (several reasons), but I still would like to go occasionally to support my spouse and dance some with her and perhaps a couple other people. We also dance...
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    Where are the men to tango with at my beautiful 64 years of age? :)

    I dunno. I simply treat it as entertainment; sort of like going to the circus and watching the clowns.
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    Obama Tango

    Wonder how Trump and Hillary would do. Although they might be a better pairing at the next UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).
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    Not touchy feely

    I'm definitely NOT a tango purist. Dancing tango to blues music is my favorite way to dance tango (basically because I can "feel" blues but have never really been able to "feel" tango music, except in a few cases).
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    Not touchy feely

    This is meant in a good natured, joking manner, since I have a lot of friends who dance contra and really like it. My partner and I dance many other dances, bot not contra. if anyone asks me why not, I just tell them I refuse to be a trained seal being told which horn to blow:).
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    Milonga Etiquette

    On waiting until the second (or later) dace of a tanda to ask - I often need to do this just out of mental fatigue. Even though I've been dancing tango on and off for quite a while, I've never been able to get past the point where it is a huge mental grind for me just to focus on leading it...
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    Dancing in DC area

    Freedom Plaza is very popular on Sunday night, but it's outside on marble. Yes, make sure to check the metro website for late night info, and the paper farecards are being phased out but I think are still available. Parking in DC is a total pain in the butt, but Sundays are free for the most part.
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    Dancing in DC area

    This site lists pretty much everything:
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    Come as couple - but lady gets no dances

    We're one of the couples where I will dance mostly with her (she likes tango way more than I do and she'd be happy dancing every tanda) and it irks her no end that it's totally frowned upon (most of the time) for followers to ask leaders to dance, And this is in the Washington DC area! Not sure...
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    Not touchy feely

    Shoot, wish it would happen already for me. I'm an engineer and got into tango, more or less, about 9 years ago since my spouse was interested. Still can't get the hang of it, for various reasons, and it always feels like a huge grind to try and remember what I'm supposed to be doing while at...
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    Men's Tango Pants?

    I find golf pants made out of that extremely lightweight wicking material are very comfortable and keep you cool when the temperature is high.