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    Sweet, another Bachata thread! :wink: I really love the dance, it's one of those dances that when done right, is so easy to get lost in the moment. And I say this in the most innocent & sensual way. Depending on the way you dance the Bachata, it can be one of the most intimate experiences you...
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    Mad Hot Ballroom Soundtrack

    It appears that Rykodisc just released the song list for the Mad Hot Ballroom soundtrack! 1. C + C Music Factory - Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) 2. Peggy Lee - Fever 3. Glenn Miller And His Orchestra - In The Mood 4. Bobby Darin - It's Only A Paper Moon 5. El Bonche - Menea...
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    Mad Hot Ballroom Soundtrack

    I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the clips! Sadly, they do not carry any clips of the Swing or Merengue dance-off's which are equally impressive! I'm not sure when the movie is scheduled to hit Australia, but you might consider catching a flight to Hawaii to check out their premier! :)
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    Mad Hot Ballroom Soundtrack

    For those who haven't had a chance to see the movie, I strongly suggest gathering up a group of close friends and checking it out! I watched it opening night in Phoenix AZ and it was such an energetic & fun movie. Half the time I was laughing and pi$$ing my pants, and the other half I was...
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    Annual Salsa Congresses & Events

    I just received an email for the following events for those that would be interested (my apologies if these are repeats): • Salsa India Fiesta April 2005 :arrow: • First Annual Philippines International Salsa Congress Dec. 1-4, 2005 :arrow:
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    Cumbia and forro!?!!

    What a cool forum topic; Cumbia was my first exposure to Latin music when I was a kid! As far as recommendations, I'm not too familiar with recent Cumbia music since my musical genres have grown beyond my control and I have trouble keeping up with anything as of late. Yet, here's a mixed bag...
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    Fellow Salsero Needs Some Help!

    I'm always cool with supporting the artists! So far, I would say that approximately 90% of my Salsa music comes from legit sources (iTunes or LatinCoolNow). The other 10% is either obtained through friends or found on various p2p software since it is either too new or not carried by the...
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    Fellow Salsero Needs Some Help!

    Exactly! A low quality mp3 that has been cropped down to 1 minute or less should take up less than 1Mb of space (could probably get it down to like 500Kb). Thanks for looking into it, it would be a great help to all those trying to find some good tunes! :D
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    Lets Get Down to the Roots....

    borikensalsero! By now, I'm pretty sure you've written tons and tons on this subject and I've enjoyed the passion and intensity in which you pursue the recollection of the truth and roots of Salsa. So have you ever sat down and written "borikensalsero's" thoughts on the roots of Salsa...
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    Dance space

    My thought is that if the dance floor is packed to the brim with people and someone decides to try and clear out some room for themselves, then they're just asking to get hurt or hurt someone else. The latter being the worst since those being mindful of the lack of space will adapt to the...
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    Fellow Salsero Needs Some Help!

    So Brujo, what exactly is the deal with this MP3 file sharing service that eMule provides? The info they provide on the site is kind of weak. How much does the membership cost and how exactly do you go about getting files? Is it a peer-to-peer "KaZaA" kind of deal or are the files actual...
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    Fellow Salsero Needs Some Help!

    peachexploration! Once again you've bailed me out with your music knowledge, thanks a bunch! BTW, since you're a Forum Moderator, is there any way that you could look into possibly posting some small music samples on the DF's webspace for users to preview in the Music Directory? I'd be...
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    Salsa in Buenos Aires and Mexico City?

    It has been a year since I went to Buenos Aires, but I did enjoy a great time at this club which I believe was called "Azucar". I can't remember what the name was exactly, but it was located directly across the street from the Abasto shopping center. Just ask around the shops located across...
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    Fellow Salsero Needs Some Help!

    Well, it appears that my Salsa music knowledge has failed me again so I was looking to see if anyone could tell me the name of the song being used in this video? Oh, and I'm not talking about the "Mr Big Stuff" song they use for the intro (although I do like that song anyways). :)...
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    bachata tricks

    BTW, can anyone tell me the name of the songs that are being played on the Advanced and Intermediate Bachata videos :?: