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    Course contents - Monday 3rd Dec

    Hi everyone, Merry christmas! Here's a couple of figures we did in one of our intermediate courses last monday... Let me know if you like it, the first is quite short and simple ;) - The main point was to be a little musical with the moves.
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    Why is Musicality So Hard/Rare to Find in Salsa?

    I did a workshop with edie and Al a long time ago, where they did two consecutive dances - one with a whole bunch of spins and wraps, and one with just Cross Bodys, single turn, and another move we call "under the arm" - but you know what, the second looked SO much more amazing than the first...
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    On2 question

    I didn't see any answers here about the bass, but with me: The bass and the slap of the congas are definately THE most prominant part of the music that I feel dancing on 2. In fact... One of the workshops I teach is an "on2 for on1 dancers" workshop, and this is one of the things I...
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    Song help?

    Hi everyone, Anyone know the song used in this video? It's such a nice song, so soft and sweet, would love to find a copy. Thanks in advance! Matt
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    I Neeed Of an Opinion...

    Well, for me there has been no disadvantage... However my GF just wants to dance socially and not be known as a "teacher", and dispite the fact we try to emphasise that I'm the teacher in class I think she still feels more pressured when out dancing... So I guess my advice is to make sure...
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    I Neeed Of an Opinion...

    I definately agree. I don't actually know her level compared to the level of others in the local scene, I am assuming that she is a good enough level for this to be a nonissue.... The point I was making was less about her level as a dancer, and more that it works for us "in our...
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    I Neeed Of an Opinion...

    Well, if you know houdinnis' other half well enough to be able to say that then fine, but I was just pointing out that it's worked very well for us for a long time now.. it depends on the people involved. On a different note: Thinking about what Delamusica said, the "best female" to teach...
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    I Neeed Of an Opinion...

    This works, but then how is that different to demonstrating with your girlfriend? The student you pick probably has even less of an idea than she does... I do classes with my girlfriend, and we are in a simmilar position... What works for us is that she just sit's off to the side until I...
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    shoulder shimmies!

    Me too, do it at work tho so get a lot of comments from collegues :*)
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    Instructors eating crums and social dancers suck on the floors

    Well, I have been teaching a little over a year now, and it wasn't really about that I felt I knew enough to teach.... The opportunity presented itself as in the town I live there were no other teachers. Now this has grown and I'm teaching in the centre of Vienna instead of out in the...
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    salsa competition songs

    It's called "playa no more", by Crystal Sierra.
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    salsa competition songs

    My thoughts are: La Malanga - Eddie palmeri Mama Guela - Spanish Harlem Orchetra Welcome to the Party - Har U Percussion Group.
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    Salsa in Vienna

    Actually, now I'm really confused... the private message I just replied to was from 2005... so no idea if it was an old message, or just the date was wrong :( Just forward my hotmail, probably easiest :)
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    Salsa in Vienna

    Aha, ok... even though I have unread private messages, the little counter in the corner of DF still says 0 unread, which is why I didn't see it <grr> Will reply now, hope it's not too late :(
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    Salsa in Vienna

    Hey, sorry... not checked DF for a week or so... Am still here :) Was the email a PM on here? or an email to my hotmail (matt_cloy at I looked back thru my message history and can't see anything :(