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    Son of So---How Was Your Dance Weekend?

    Two musicians and a singer had been hired by the host of the Sunday milonga. Unfortunately for the singer, everything that may go wrong with her microphone, went wrong. The audience did not boo her though, the dancers all moving as silently as they could. I quickly composed a song and mailed it...
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    Cheapest private lessons in Europe?

    Not sure how your question relates to the matter. Our school is free, not private, and not teaching tango.
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    Cheapest private lessons in Europe?

    In Paris I bought a series of ten privates for €400 last year. One hour each, and a number of them actually lasted 1h30. Not a world-class teacher at all, but then in Paris we don't have any.
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    What do you think comes first...

    Your links are leading to the respective other post. Here is the one and only paragraph relevant to practicing with people you love, all the rest of the essay is about practicing with any partner. The Toumanova lady must know what she writes about, she broke with her partner/life partner, is...
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    What do you think comes first...

    This summer like most summers, we have an almost daily outdoors milonga in a place where passer-by tourists are legion, walking from Trocadero to the Tour Eiffel. Most often than not, hearing the music and seeing the AT dancers dancing, some couple full of palpable passion, as can be seen by the...
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    Good article on why leading in not more important than following

    Why, no. I did not even read the article. Seeing "very good" in the title was enough to convince me that it was very bad. No, I was just recting to your saying you have a friend who sided with the companies agains the victims, a friend for whom making money is the #1 thing. I certainly wold...
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    Good article on why leading in not more important than following

    Cum hoc ergo propter hoc. I guess each country has its law. In mine, the law considers that if someone has a cancer after being exposed during his work to radioactivity, asbestos, coal dust, whatever, then the company who employed him will be declared guilty. Which does not seem unfair to me, by...
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    Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo - SYTYCD

    Not all of them. I once tried to attend a class in Paris by an old argentine who now lives here and beforehand lived and taught in the USA for years. It was a terrible mix of 20% french and 80% english. And a bad english with that. He would say "vurd" for world. You had to translate from english...
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    Good article on why leading in not more important than following

    Original poster, how did "Why Leading Is Not More Difficult" become "why leading in not more important" ? Anyway, I went no further than the first sentence "In the most common analogy for the dance partnership, the follower is the picture and the leader is the frame."
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    Is Tango a declining matter?

    This week we have 53 milongas/practicas in Paris. It's not (yet?) an extinct dance.
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    Do you have a favorite tango: overall or by orquestra?

    At some point it was Carnaval de mi barrio because of the Tango silent films series (Sadie's song). At the moment it would be Sentimiento gaucho (Racciatti/Miranda)
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    Favorite dance song in a foreign language

    Mmm mmm mmm mmm by Crash Test Dummies
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    Tango Priorities…#1: Embellishments..! ;)

    I certainly prefer the Jennifer Walker vids here. It's not even clear what you're embellishing.
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    your favorite dance movies

    L'acrobate by Jean-Daniel Pollet.
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    Jealous of SOdance partners

    It does. Whatever the dance, a beginner leader is busy enough with the steps and the dance and the music and the memorizing.