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    A Tap Dance Lengend Dies

    From the Gannett News Service What a terrific dancer he was! He will be missed. Interesting Links: Gregory Hines Filmography Gregory Hines' Fiance - female bodybuilder Negrita Jayde
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    Jacksonville Dance Newsletter

    From Kathleen Scalise: Hello My Dancing Friends... Hi!! Hope everybody is doing well...I know I have done at least one newsletter this month? The last one I found was from the beginning of June...oh well...I have been 'under the weather' lately. My back is not in good shape, but...
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    Vaseline Intensive Care Smooth Moves National Dance Finals

    From Dance Times Square: SWING VS. SALSA ? WHO WILL TAKE THE PRIZE? "VASELINE INTENSIVE CARE SMOOTH MOVES" NATIONAL DANCE FINALS!" What: On Wed, July 23, The "Smooth Moves" East and West Coast winning couples will go toe-to-toe against each other at the first ever "Vaseline Intensive...
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    Henry Knowles invites you to...

    We would like to extend our sincerest condolences to the family and close friends of "La Guarachera del Mundo" Celia Cruz. Her humble nature and incredible talent will always remain in our thoughts and the years of great music she has left us will always continue to lift our souls. This...
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    For Sale?

    Discount Dance has some pretty good deals, but I'm not sure that you can find anything quite that cheap. Remember, sometimes you get you pay for. Sometimes it's better to get one good thing at a time, because often they last longer and actually cost less in the long run.
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    Havana Nights: Dirty Dancing 2 - coming in 2004

    Looks like the movie now has a website: Dirty Dancing Havana Nights Looks like they are pushing for February now to make it a good Valentine's Day flick.
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    Single, Double and Triple Swing

    d nice, If you were going to clap your hands to a swing song, wouldn't you clap to the "2" and "4" beats? It always seems the 2 and 4 are more accentuated in the music. Does vernacular dance account for this musicality?
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    Matrix Ping Pong - Ingenious

    I thought this was pretty amazing. I'm not sure where it was televised: Matrix Ping Pong I know this isn't a dance topic, but it's pretty ingenious.
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    'Dance Fever' Week 1 discussion thread

    Warning: If you don't want to know who won week 1, read no furthur! Check your TV schedule and and set your VCRs. Dance Fever is going to be airing on Sunday night! TV Guide is a good place to check. And here is the Dance Fever homepage. There is also a pretty interesting Dance Fever Quiz...
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    Prison Offers Salsa Dancing

    Full Story at MSNBC
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    Cross-over from Pure Cybric Ignorance

    Posted on Behalf of Joe Lanza (AKA Black Sheep) I'm a newbie of seven days on the yehoodi forum and inadvertently had broken all the yehoodi guide lines within 24 hours out of pure cybric ignorance; I have cross-overed, I sent several repetitions of the same message because I did not know...
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    Partner.... or Partner?

    It seems unreasonable for him to refuse to take you to socials. Maybe it's time you find out where he really stands with you. If he is going to be practicing with someone else, it seems prudent for you to do the same so that you can learn as fast as he is learning.
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    Partner.... or Partner?

    If he comes with you to your private lessons, wouldn't you be working on routines together? It seems to me that your goal is to dance with your boyfriend more often. Wouldn't this be one step in the right direction? Also, could you ask him to practice with you for one hour after each lesson so...
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    DanceSports Comps July Newsletter

    The July Newsletter is now available for viewing at
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    Texas Tommy Swing

    The Texas Tommy is also a move in Lindy Hop in which the leader switches hands behind the followers back.