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    Tango shoes

    Anyone has anything to share about their shoe experience with open heel cage? I have one and I thought they don't hold up, or so "solidly" fixed to my feet as closed shoes. I don't know if this's because the front was slightly loose as well. What say the others?
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    Copenhagen Tango Festival May 12-16th 2010

    Anybody attending? Any review for the past events? I'm seriously considering going.... Thanks for any feedback!
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    Tango shoes

    This thread is dedicated to all the shoe-addicted tangueras out there. Shoe shopping is always a headache for me. Would like to know if anyone has got any feedback to these several main shoe brands, such as style, balance, comfort, size, etc etc? I believe the feedbacks will be helpful...
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    Tango 59° in Stockholm - Anyone attending?

    Anyone here attending the Tango 59° in Stockholm? Or has anyone here attended that before? Any comments/advice/insights? I'm thinking of attending but do not have a partner, I'm wondering if there's anyone here attending who might also be looking for a partner? I'm a follower, 165 cm tall...
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    Lunch Time Club!

    Wow! Ha! I could hardly believe this! I've been away for too long really. The last time I regularly get online at Dance Forum was end of 2005. After some big changes in my life (I moved from the states to Germany), I kinda stop. Well, The lunch Time Club was started back then in 2005 I...
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    Hello all and help!

    Thanks Motardmom for sharing! In fact, I did feel like you did in the beginning here. :) It was tough adjustment. First of all it took a few months to find an apartment (kind of complicated here since you have to look in the news paper and make individual appointment to check out the...
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    Hello all and help!

    Thanks! Great thanks for the support! Waltzgirl, thanks a bunch for your kind advice. In fact, I have thought of taking lessons, that'd be a great way for me to get back. But I guess I got to a point that dancing became so exhausting for me that I just keep thinking but no action. When I...
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    Hello all and help!

    Hello people! My dancing friends, I am back! I logged in today and saw that my last log in was November 7th 2005! So it's been a year! Well a year ago I packed up my apartment and said goodbye to friends and family and moved alone from the US to Germany. I have to say that I had quite a...
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    Help! Need instructional video for AT!

    I'm looking for an instructional AT video as a gift for a friend. He has never danced AT before but is a very good ballroom dancer. I showed him some basic steps of AT and he appeared to be getting it very quickly, with the proper frame and even the "floor scraping", totally getting the flavor...
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    dance shoes to street shoes

    I've never done this but I know that most shoe repairs stores do have that service. I never do this because I have no reason to. But I have a friend who has big feet and according to him it is next to impossible for him to find a pair of dance shoes that he likes and fits him. So he took his...
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    Relocation Thread

    Thanks for your kind words Pygmalion and etchuck! At this point I haven't made any official commitment, I guess I need a little time to digest this before I'm ready to announce it to the world. (OK, somehow I'm announcing it out loud here in this forums :roll:). It was funny how in the...
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    Relocation Thread

    I am definitely moving in a few months! I have gotten three job offers so far and one of them is in... Germany! Although one of the offers I got here in the states is very very generous but unfortunately located in the middle of nowhere (no dancing :cry: ). After having the interview and...
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    Eye Wear Thread

    Oh, forgot to add this. I once read an article that says that psychologists think that wearing "fake glasses" (without corrective lens) when you don't need one is a sign of lack of confidence. Any comments for this?
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    Eye Wear Thread

    I've been wearing contacts since 10 years go. I can't live without it, I can't "use" my eyes too much when I'm wearing glasses because it gives me headache and usually after reading a while in my glasses my eyes get really tired, not to say the pressure behind my ears. Well, I do like how I...
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    Dancing in Germany/Frankfurt?

    Hello all, I'm traveling to Germany the end of this month, wondering if anyone know of any good milonga or salsa club in Frankfurt/Mannheim/Heidleberg area? Particularly, I will be in Mannheim area 6/20-6/23. Any suggestions of good dance place? The following few days through the 6/26 I...