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    What justifies the high spending cost for learning to dance to you?

    Back to the OP's original question. I justify the high cost by doing the most I can to maximize the investment. At my studio. The lessons are cheaper the larger the number you buy. I buy the largest package to get the lowest per lesson price available. Also at my studio, many of the...
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    How do you answer this question?

    First off I am a Ballroom dancer. I get that the Tango community has their own etiquette and expectations regarding dance invitations that I don't understand. I have been asked almost this same question in a ballroom setting. It wasn't phrased quite so rude or personal so it was easier to...
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    What justifies the high spending cost for learning to dance to you?

    Everything you ever needed to know in life you can learn from A Chorus Line
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    USA Dance Annoucement

    Copy and paste from USA's Facebook page: Resignation of Glenn Weiss, President, USA Dance, Inc January 16, 2018 The Governing Council announces the resignation of President Glenn Weiss, effective 1/15/2018. Due to personal, extenuating circumstances, Glenn will be relocating to Denmark. In...
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    Before the Lesson starts

    I run through a routine with some exercise balls to open up my feet. Then run through some drills that the teacher has given me both over time and more recently to work some aspect that I'm struggling with.
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    Best New Songs

    Tightrope - Soundtrack for The Greatess Showman Michelle Williams iTunes says Dec 2017 but the movie didn't come out until 2018. Viennese Waltz
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    Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

    I saw The Greatest Showman yesterday. Good show. Great use of music to advance the story.
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    Best New Songs

    Another Samba breaking into the top 40 Runaground - Chase You Down - 2017 Not strong Samba character, but OK
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    Best New Songs

    I played this for teach last week to see what she thought of it as a Quickstep. It's got some great interludes for kicks and flicks.
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    Dance Studio Solo Showcase $200 Fee?

    I realized why I didn't see my reply. You asked this same question on Reddit. I replied over there and remember
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    Snowball 2018

    I will be spectating Saturday night and maybe more on an unplanned adhoc basis. It's seven miles from my driveway.
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    Dance Studio Solo Showcase $200 Fee?

    I thought I had replied to this post, but I don't see my reply so I will add again. I live in large Midwest (USA) city. I single solo at one of my Studio's showcases would cost me $50.00. Itemized that's $20.00 admission and $30.00 for the dance. Preparation for the solo is done in my private...
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    Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

    The Shape of Water was very good. There's even a dance scene.
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    Modern Samba Songs

    Seems like it's been season of Samba in Pop music lately. Shape of You - Ed Sheeran Cheap Thrills - Sia as already mentioned. Additionally RockABye - Clean Bandit Rain - The Script Ni Tu Ni Yo - Jennifer Lopez Maggie found STASH, "Blackjack Cabana" It's a slow one but Despacito - Remix Luis...
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    What are you excited about in your dancing right now?

    Winter Showcase Last Night: It was fun. Working on a solo for Spring.