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    Let play Last letter Game

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    Let play Last letter Game

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    Let play Last letter Game

    energy (people try to use single words only in game)
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    Let play Last letter Game

    I play this game on another forum and really enjoy it thats why i am starting this game here so that members of DF also enjoy it. The game is simple Choose a word . Take the last letter of that word and make a new word starting with that letter. Repeat I am starting with this word boat
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    Dance lessons - effective, or too robotic?

    Well i want to say one thing dance lessons are may be too robotics, but its the best way out there to learn dance with low budget. If we are learning dance with high passion then we never did it in robotics style, always enjoy it.
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    Favorite Dance?

    In my list of favourite dance salsa is no top :) I am wierd for salsa, other one is ballroom dance
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    Protect your brain by dancing

    good work old dog, i am dancing for almost 5 years but i even do not know these things about dance, i was dancing just because it makes me feel good. But now i am deciding to dance throughout my entire life :) Cha Cha Cha..... Cha Cha Cha...... Cha Cha Cha