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    Santo Rico vs. Baila Society

    IMHO, I think Baso takes more time explaining technique and details. That being said, one of the most technical dancers I have ever known is a student of SR. So if you think SR is not enough, I am not sure Baso is going to make much difference. That is hard to say, some will say that creativity...
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    New York StyleZ

    I been living in NYC for the last 3 years and i have yet to find a class that teaches this style. I have heard anecdotal talk that someone does or did. But i have yet to find a solid lead. I am sure if an instructor is specifically asked he could teach it in a private, but to consider it...
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    Santo Rico vs. Baila Society

    I been to both there is no such a thing as better, rather the question is: Does it fit your style, you particular way of learning, and your dancing goals. Whichever school meets those requirements, is the better school.. for you. Santo Rico (SR) has cycle classes, Baila Society (Baso) is...
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    REQ: El Ritmo Diablo

    I saw it long ago,maybe a three years ago, from a website but I dont know where to find it anymore, I would love to see it again
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    Can a girl teach a guy salsa?

    sure, my first teacher was a lady, I trained with her for about 6 months. She was a good teacher and I learned a lot
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    Places to dance Salsa in Nassau, Bahamas ?

    would anyone know/recommend places to dance in Nassau, Bahamas, this weekend ?
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    where can i buy Dance Naturals shoes in New York

    i just came from there, and i had the impresion (while browsing the store)that they did not have them. I didnt ask thought, I will tomorrow, Any other alternatives in case they in fact they dont have them
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    where can i buy Dance Naturals shoes in New York

    i am trying to find a store in New York that carries this brand of shoes. ( if you have any suggestions of online stores too, that will be helpfull if i cant find a store around here
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    Was anybody at Jimmy Anton's last night (Oct. 19)?

    Hi, I was there but I dont like dancing to live music due to the lenght of the songs, so I didnt have the presence of mind to check who was playing. I will ask Jimmy this weekend.
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    so I finally backtalked to a dancefloor lecturer

    I am so proud of you noobster :) :) :)
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    Salsa Dance Forums meet up at the chicago salsa congress

    that day we were missing my dance partner. we are three couples actually. :)
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    Salsa Dance Forums meet up at the chicago salsa congress

    thank you :) we have been training nonstop... lots of Gatorade and power bars… I am having day time - nightmares that I will drop my partner in middle of the show ….. :?
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    Salsa Dance Forums meet up at the chicago salsa congress

    Hello everyone, are you comming to the chicago salsa congress?? :):) , PM me your cell number or email, and day that would you be arriving. I will organize a meet up either friday or saturday.
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    Let's merge with

    :) this is quite interesting, I have to say that I love the color of SF, and the interface is a lot simpler for me to use that DF. but these are just minor conveniences for me :):) ( I am web software engineer so salsa is my escape from technology lol even if I am still in the web due to the...
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    Male Spins ON2 video?

    In my opinion two of the best spins dvds out there happen to be on2 . Magna Spin dvd, and Seaon. Santo Rico also has a dvd "Ladies Spins, Styling". As Legato pointed out, Spinning fundamentals cross over between gender, and salsa style. Techniques are in fact different between instructors but...