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    Thanks for all the suggestions - I looked at Preciosa, still more than I was hoping to spend resuscitating my dress. Will probably go with Elite Crystals again...
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    Hi, Am in the process of cheaply re-vamping a latin dress. Am looking to buy some stones, not swarowski as would blow the budget. I have previously bought from elite crystals which sparkled and looked good but just found a new make: lumie that crystal clover sells. Has anyone tried them...
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    ballgown cleaning

    I wanted to say thank you for all the advice and I can report that I successfully cleaned (still smelly though!) a second hand ballroom dress with feather trim on a cold wash in the washing machine. Only lost a few stones. I bought a third hand dress and am currently on a budget and didn't...
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    International Championships 2013

    Various videos have already been posted by: There are quite a few and expect more to come :-)
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    International Championships 2013

    I went to watch last night for the first time in several years. Great evening but it was noticeably 'quieter' than last time. Really enjoyed the amateur/pro latin. Ina/Troels were fab and i also enjoy watching nikita brovko/olga umurova. I didn't pay too much attention to M/J (they looked...
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    Blackpool Dance Festival 2013

    I quite liked their look - 1920s flapper style :)
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    World Superstars Dance Festival 2012

    The shows are Sat/Sun evening. Found this on dancesportinfo:
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    Slavik & Daria

    Thanks :-)
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    Slavik & Daria

    Thanks :D Did anyone watch? What did you think?
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    Dancing with the Stars Season 14

    Unless you are in Europe in which case this is happening: Although not 10 years his senior as far as I'm aware!
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    Slavik & Daria

    Video would be good :-)
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    Slavik & Daria

    Not sure if this has been posted yet but for those interested, Slavik & Daria will be dancing together: Excited - hoping they will compete! :banana:
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    Foot blister

    I always get blisters with new dance shoes. Try compede blister plasters. They provide cushioning and also help with healing. Compede also make a roll on 'foot chapstick' which helps prevent blisters by providing a layer between foot & shoe. Don't bother with other cheaper versions. They don't...
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    Rhinestone Question....

    I have a dress with Korean stones - they are very flat/definitely don't sparkle and in all honesty are really not worth spending money on as they do very little for the dress. I don't know what makes Elite better but they sparkle nicely and as I can't afford Swarowski, they are a great...
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    UK Open 2012

    Just came across a few of their show dances for those interested: There are a few more from the same person. Really like their style :-)