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    Which dance do you dance besides tango most frequently?

    West Coast Swing: So different from tango but so related. The dance expresses the music. The lady has great freedom to create. Connection is everything. Wonderful "high" when everything works. How could two dances be more alike?
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    Getting people into ballroom dancing, and modern music

    As for triple vs. single, I started with triple. We did not immediately attempt to do it at tempo, but as anyone can pick up single time in about five minutes at a party, and that's almost the only time you'll ever need it, it wasn't a particularly useful way to spend paid time.
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    overthinking the two step?

    Hi, Skunker! I don't know if this is part of the problem, but I've heard beginner two-steppers count the basic as quick-quick, slow, slooooow (1/2, 1/2, 1, 2) -- giving two beats to the second slow. This probably happens because it makes the four steps in the basic SSQQ add up nicely to four...
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    Wedding Songs?

    You can't beat Desde el Alma but the tempo might be a little fast for the couple or occasion. A beautiful tango is La Melodia del Corazon, recorded by Edgardo Donato and probably others. The melody, or part of it, is based on a Chopin etude that has also been used in a popular song called No...
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    Avoiding floor traffic

    One way to practice floorcraft is to move chairs away from the wall and line them up to cut off part of the floor -- first a little, then more until everyone is dancing in a crowded space. I also like the idea of teaching specific moves that are useful for dancing in tight spaces, and the chair...
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    Closed Position Whip In WCS

    Just a guess, but if you're starting with a triple followed by four slows and ending with the usual anchor triple, the whip count would come out OK but the unusual sequence might confuse her, especially if the first three steps are in rapid succession. I'd like to see how it looks.
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    Is gender imbalance self made?

    At most milongas I've attended, women outnumber men and are usually willing to dance with a beginner lead rather than sit and watch. Still, when I was a beginner it seemed to take more nerve to cabaceo an experienced tanguera than, for instance, to ask an experienced C/W (or ballroom or WCS)...
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    Is there a good explanation of Naveira and Salas' tango analysis?

    "The only reason for mastering technique is to make sure the body does not stand in the way of the soul's expression." — La Meri .... and AndaBien! Exactly. So often the body, and for that matter the mind, does get in the way. Also, as John Em noted, there's a limit to what teachers can do...
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    2 Step Correct Foot Position -- Toe to Toe or?

    Steve, I think it WAS you who mentioned the Pablo book. By the way, SSQQ -- I don't think they'll ever change it to QQSS, although they do teach the modern version -- has changed ownership and moved to a very nice hall that, finally, has a big parking lot so you no longer have to find space on...
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    Is there a good explanation of Naveira and Salas' tango analysis?

    I'm not looking for a paint-by-numbers approach, but for me, understanding how a dance works is important. My teacher starts her leaders out with several months of walking until it becomes second nature to transition smoothly between inside and out, crossed feet and parallel, etc., while...
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    Is there a good explanation of Naveira and Salas' tango analysis?

    I'd like to also thank everyone for their helpful and revealing posts. (I thought colgadas were something new!) Will look around for the reference materials mentioned and reply after digesting all this. I greatly appreciate efforts to make tango or any dance more rational and clearer to...
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    Is there a good explanation of Naveira and Salas' tango analysis?

    Apparently I gave the impression that I consider technical analysis of tango to be dangerous to the dance. Let me correct that. I love the idea of analyzing the possible moves (I like math) and I have nothing against nuevo as a style (I would be taking lessons in it, but right now am trying to...
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    Is there a good explanation of Naveira and Salas' tango analysis?

    I regarded tango nuevo as just one of several styles out there until reading online that it is also a way of understanding the dance and its possible variations (given some assumptions as to what constitutes tango.) Having majored in math and struggled with tango, I was grabbed by that idea...
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    2 Step Correct Foot Position -- Toe to Toe or?

    It's nice to hear that there are a different opinions on this. I'd like to think there is no one correct way. Right now I'm enjoying reading the Pablo Stories, about CW dancing in southern California in the Urban Cowboy era. Somebody on this forum -- can't recall who -- mentioned the book and I...
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    Can we dance a Tango to Beethoven's 5th?

    Probably not, but you sure could do it to the allegretto in his 7th. It starts a bit slow but becomes a darn good tango before it's over.