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    Dealing with Dance Chauvinism

    . . .and vice versa Once watched a top standard couple (Blackpool top five) in a show environment where they had to do a smooth entry and exit: It was hilarious how, ahem . . .clunky they looked. Agreed: smooth couples do sometimes have trouble in closed, but I have observed that it does...
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    Ballroom Icons

    Really Surprised nay . . .shocked by the deathly silence in response to this thread!
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    Dealing with Dance Chauvinism

    How does one respond to the claim I am frequently hearing (usually from non-American dancers) that those who are not good dancers do American Smooth and Rhythm? The argument is usually buttressed with the fact that so and so--a couple who started off as International dancers and who never won...
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    Significant Rulings from NDCA 2010?

    Why No Responses? Nothing on the NDCA web site either.
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    Significant Rulings from NDCA 2010?

    NDCA held its Semi-Annual Meeting January 8-9. Could anyone report on some of the more significant rulings? Changes? Recommendations? It looked like a huge agenda.
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    Reccomended Ballroom near Getty Museum

    Try Regency Westmore is fine but in the heart of downtown L.A. and the parking is . . .well shall we say challenging. Regency Ballroom in Torrance is one of the biggest, and in my opinion, the best in the southland. Big floor, very friendly, parking is free, and you get to see the real big...
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    Victor and Anna

    Victor and Anastasia They did a try out this a.m. in L.A. Awesome! Hope they decide to team up because they sure looked good!
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    Music Title?

    Still Hoping Still hoping someone will be able to ID this piece. :-(
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    Music Title?

    Does anyone know the title of this piece of music?
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    Tango Title

    Could someone let me know the title of this tango?
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    Ballroom Today

    Don't know if anyone else caught the review in the New York Times on "Burn the Floor?" According to the critic, the show featring many of ballroom's top dancers, "with a canny understanding of each category of the genre, [takes] most of the dance out of these dances." and . . . "It is...
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    Ballroom Catch Phrases

    Since becoming part of the ballroom dance world I'm amused to discover a bunch of phrases unique to the dance culture. Examples: Sand baggers: people who enter comps at all levels to up the odds of winning. Cherry Pickers: pros who enter students in umpteen heats. Picket fence...
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    bugaboos...what unhinges you?

    Changing Room Space Hogs Both at comps and studio show cases. Particularly the latter where changing space tends to be one room everyone has to change in. Am personally chagrined by: Those who spend a huge amount of time doing their makeup when there is a rush to get in and out before...
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    Single Dance Versus Championships?

    My pro usually enters me for single dance events and multi-dance championships at comps. What are the benefits of entering the championships versus just competing and winning single dance events? Most of the recent competitions I've been at recently don't seem to recognize the winners of...
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    10 Questions for every Latin/Ballroom dancer on this forum!

    1. Do you dance, Latin or Ballroom or Both? Standard, Latin, Rhythm and Smooth, i.e. nineteen dances 2. Do you compete? If yes, in what level and cathegory? Yes, Pro-am Closed Gold 3. Which is your favourite dance in Ballroom? All 4. Which is your favourite dance in Latin? Bolero...