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    What are you doing right now?

    Just use a dice! :p ;)
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    What (if any) instrument/s do you play?

    Piano, violin and whistling. :p
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    Word Association

    Divorce lol.
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    Happy Birthday LucyDiamond

    Happy Birthday LucyDiamond! :D
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    happy birthday dance mentor

    Happy Birthday! :D
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    What's on Your TV Right Now???

    So you think you can dance. :p
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    Word Association

    chips :p
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    The cake photo thread...

    Dog cake lol :p
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    Word Association

    Swedish meat balls :p
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    New/Improved things you DON'T approve of, LOL.

    Automatic water taps that thinks you are done when you are not. :mad:
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    How are you, today?

    :banana: :D
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    Word Association

    Piano :D
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    Word Association

    Party :banana:
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    Word Association

    = -1 :p