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    Happy Birthday To DF'S Biggest Flirt!

    Happy Birthday, hope you had a good one :D cheers leah
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    If dogs sent letters to God

    thats heaps good :lol:
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    Best responses if found asleep at your desk

    why did i see these after i finsihed school :?:
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    How to drive women crazy

    damn thats good but i only wish now that my boyfriend didnt read it :(
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    Mind trick?

    Tomato's are actually a fruit and i picked a carrot
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    Why engineers don't write cookbooks

    so cant wait to taste a hydrogenated tallow triglyceride it just sounds SO tasty :lol:
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    What's wrong with this picture

    i some how think that is not true :wink:
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    Signs you're a bad cook

    I've always been some what of a good cook so i hadnt had to worry bout that, but my boyfriend did set off the smoke alarm by cooking hamburger paties :lol:
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    Best singles ad ever

    Damn that was funny :lol:
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    Things to do in an elevator

    i recived this in an email, like a year or so ago and it still crackes me up everytime i read it however im still wiating for the next time i go in an elevator :lol:
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    Dog's Diary vs. Cat's Diary

    this sounds about right, very funny but also sadly true in some parts :lol:
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    when's y o u r birthday?

    Yay, im not the only Librian im the 13th october 1986 - and im a tiger
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    Member Introductions -- Index

    ok hey i only just found this thread, and i just wanted to say hi so hi my name is Leah and i live in Sydney Australia i am 17 currently doing my HSC and i love dancing if there is anything else that you would like to know dont be afraid to ask cheers leah :D
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    Hey there i stubled across this site, and being a dancer myself i thought that it was good, i dont know if this is the place to post an intruduction or anything but hi my name is Leah and i live in Sydney and im 17 so hi all :D