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    Dancing in Nashville question

    Any good places to go two steppin' in Nashville? My wife and I are planning a trip there soon.
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    Any 2 steppin' in London, England?

    My wife and I are going to London, England in a few months. Just wondering if there is any place to go dancing while we are over there?
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    East And West Coast Differences In WCS

    As I-man stated in his post: "Traveling forward in your anchor prevents the ability to lead certain things because the follower has already come forward before count one of the next pattern." This the reason why we are not taught the coaster step in the WCS class my wife and I are taking here...
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    Your Favorite Tunes for: WEST COAST SWING

    "Mustang Sally" by The Commitments is my favorite WCS song. :D My 2 cents worth. David
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    What's Your Favorite Dance?

    Hi there, New to the forum! My favorite CW dance is the Progressive Double Two Step. I have been dancing the Progressive for about 10 years now, which is also how long I have been dancing. I started out taking 3 step lessons at a Country Dance club and while I was there I saw this couple doing...