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    Dancing with a Torn Meniscus

    I ran across this link on a new meniscus procedure in case anyone interested. wexnermedical dot osu dot edu/sports-medicine/get-me-back-to-my-sport/knee/meniscus-clinical-trial You also might want to do a Google search on some of the terms in the article. I do not (yet) have any meniscus...
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    Ohio Star Ball 2015

    There will be no PBS TV recording of events this year at the Ohio Star Ball. Regarding Dance Network, the listed scope of events to be covered are Pro/Am, Am/Am, and Collegiate events. If interested, there are links to the Dance Network web site and DN sign-up for OSB streaming events at the OSB...
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    Ohio Star Ball 2015

    FYI, there's now additional info about the 2015 OSB Dance Camp on both the OSB web site and Facebook page. :-)
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    Dance Forums on Mobile

    I just looked at DF on my iPhone. Looks pretty good. When reading a thread in vertical view, user icon in 1st column seems a bit too large and takes up space from thread text in 2nd column, which can then become somewhat long. Also thread topic header not fully visible. When viewing thread in...
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    America's ballroom challenge returning to PBS

    More info on the upcoming 2015 America's Ballroom Challenge on PBS, including a new promo video. A recent message by John DePalma on Facebook regarding the promo video. You can click YouTube icon on preview window to go "like" the video. "Ok...
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    Ohio Star Ball 2014

    The date/time for PBS showings of "America's Ballroom Challenge" are currently set for following: WILL AIR: 9PM - 10PM FRIDAY APRIL 24TH FRIDAY MAY 1ST FRIDAY MAY 8TH These dates/times were mentioned during Fri/Sat evening events at 2014 OSB. I assume EST. Check PBS schedules as dates get...
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    Ohio Star Ball 2014

    2014 Ohio Star Ball final results plus scoresheets are available at the bottom of the OSB web site home page (or click Mengu's link in previous post).
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    Ohio Star Ball 2014

    During the week of the OSB comp, there are plans to post a number of video shorts on the OSB Facebook page, so be sure to check for that. :-) pruthe
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    american rhythm online resources

    There are some DVDs available from the American Style Congress that's part of the NY Dance Festival. Costs some $$ though. nydancefestival dot com/Congress_DVD_s.html
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    Posting results from competitions

    Looks like 2014 Capital results are now posted at web site!!!
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    Posting results from competitions

    A link to the NV Ball results are at the bottom of the Ohio Star Ball home page. It's my understanding that there was a problem in posting the results on the NV Ball web site, so the results were posted here since the OSB organizer was a co-organizer at NV Ball...
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    Competitive ballroom is demanding; cardiac events and the need to address them at comps

    I know at the one big comp in my town there's a board certified cardiologist in/near the dance venue or not far away during the entire comp. She's friends with the organizer and volunteered to be the medical person on call. I'm not sure if she has basic medical tools with her, but wouldn't be...
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    Competitive ballroom is demanding; cardiac events and the need to address them at comps

    This thread got me thinking more about heart issues and their causes. I found a place that gives a pretty good explanation about Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) vs Heart Attack (see link below). The AED device apparently can make a big...
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    Holiday Dance Classic 2013

    Please check Holiday Classic web site for 2013 heat lists and final schedule. :-) pruthe
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    Lumpy Shoulders

    Clasp interlocked fingers with arms behind back and pull down. Then release and try to maintain shoulder position. That's what my teacher told me to practice doing.