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    Which Certification Organization Is Best?

    In my experience, in working in the ballroom industry the existence of your credentials is more important than the exact specifics of them. I started with DVIDA, worked at studios where most people used Arthur Murray and have familiarized myself pretty extensively with ISTD. You're not joining a...
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    Ideas for USA Dance Bolero Class

    If you wanna go just for pure flash/fun, the "Rondé to Outside Swivel" from the rumba section of Popular Variations in Latin-American Dancing lends itself really well to bolero, in my opinion. That way it doesn't hinge too entirely on being the boleroiest bolero step in existence but it still...
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    If you were to live (and dance) in another country...where?

    Maybe Denmark. I'm sure it's not as violent as Hamlet makes it seem.
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    Ballroom Dancing Teachers College

    I was not certified by virtue of completing the program. I had to do that separately. Kind of like having to pass the bar after going to law school. I took the classes from 2009 to 2010. I'm sure I'd botch the specifics as to the demographics of my classmates. And if you want a real breakdown...
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    Ballroom Dancing Teachers College

    I'm a BDTC graduate and I got a ton out of their program. I went to the original one(s) here in the Bay Area, not a franchise. I had never danced before but was super interested and it was a fabulous way to dive into the deep end and learn the basics very thoroughly. Since I graduated, I know...
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    Perzhus dancing at Millennium 2016

    Meanwhile, with the addition of Blackpool, it's gonna be a banner year for the incumbent champions taking over for Emmanuel & Liana and the Perzhus.
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    Blue ISTD syllabus books

    I've got a copy of Ballroom Dancing and now I'm wondering if it's worthwhile to also get a copy of The Ballroom Technique....
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    Around the World in 80 Minutes

    "Horchat Hai Caliptus" - waltz in Hebrew "Philadelphia" by Vaya Con Dios, "California Rain" by Madeleine Peyroux, "Tout Doucement" by Feist, and "Juke-Box" by Dimie Cat are all foxtrots of varying speeds either in other languages or referencing places. "To Vo'fa'l'Americano" for either foxtrot...
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    Blue ISTD syllabus books

    Sorry to dust off this old thread but just for the utmost clarity before I go on another shopping jag: Ballroom Dancing by Alex Moore and The Ballroom Technique are the same?
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    Bully Studio Owner... HELP!

    Aw, you poor thing. I've worked for some legitimately bonkers individuals and it really can dent your self-worth. So just constantly remind yourself that it's them, not you. If I were you, my plan would be to start using any company outing or competition where there are other...
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    Small Studios = More Drama?

    Having worked in several small studios, my experience has been any uptick of drama or just bad behavior is usually more the result of the leadership than the combination of people or the size of the institution. Chaos at the top can trickle down very easily if there's no visible, strong...
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    Bridge Step

    I think I read somewhere (possibly here) that a bridge step is an added walk in order to change to the opposite foot. You finish a figure with the right foot free then you do your bridge step to free up the left foot. Solid chance I'm wrong though. Hmm... Maybe I shouldn't have tried to answer this.
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    "The Professional Guide To Profitable Dance Instruction" - Any good?

    I'm pretty well acquainted with Diane and if I was curious about something, I'd just go ahead and ask her directly. She's big on trying to address people's needs and whatever questions you have I think she could probably give you a good idea of the content. Also, between her and John DePalma...
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    Can someone identify this couple?

    The lack of gravity leads me to believe they probably represent the moon. That should narrow it down...
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    2014 DF Silent Auction

    Can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait