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    haagen dazs video

    Boring... Much better was the scene in Tango where the guy dances with two women. ;)
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    I'm no expert, but yeah, I've never started a bal dance with a rock step. My favored way to begin these days is to squish up to my partner, move left, right, left through 6 beats establishing the connection and getting our bodies moving together, then do a hold 7, step 8 and go into a basic...
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    Lindyhopper learning AT

    Yes, you can't really lead those effectively unless you're tight to your partner. Doing a lot of balboa is good practice for that. Speaking of balboa, I already feel like the little tango I've learned so far has helped my balboa a lot. The character of each dance is quite different, but, of...
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    Guys who dance

    Enjoy it while you can. That kind of ratio won't last as you get older. Just thinking of an Argentine Tango class I took last month: 6 men (all leaders), 0 women. Have to disagree with that (some of it anyway). I really don't think the attitude about loose male hips is any different in...
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    haagen dazs video

    Nice. Is the woman licking the spoon the same one who's dancing? She looked different to me and I noticed they never gave us a good look at the face of the one dancing. Care to tell us more about Leandro and Andrea?
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    Basic Syllabus for an On 2 Class

    Not weird at all. Most of the followers I know have very little idea what the leader is doing or thinking about even if they're good at following it.
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    Leader-follower vs. man-woman

    I took an AT class from a visiting Argentinian instructor once. He had a translator, but I can understand Spanish okay. He said "lideres" and "seguidores" exclusively during that hour. I don't recall him ever saying "hombres" or "mujeres" when referring to dancer roles. So it's not just the...
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    Bald Men Dancing

    One time I saw this guy with the world's worst toupee walking toward a corner where 4 women were sitting (not all together). He was like Moses parting the Red Sea. They scattered in all directions. I felt bad for the guy, but maybe experiences like that led him to get a clue.
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    why not permit a female to lead in class?

    The only time someone shouldn't be allowed to drop into a class is if it will throw off the leader/follower balance too much. I wish more teachers would make an effort to balance the ratio, myself. Usually there aren't enough followers, of course. Your sex shouldn't matter. Don't agree...
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    How loud is too loud?

    Four out of five? Try five out of five for me when it comes to salsa clubs. Oh wait, Allegro's not bad so make it more like nine out of ten. Too bad the not-too-loud music at Allegro doesn't appeal to me. One of the reasons I've sort of dropped off of salsa and gotten more into other...
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    Blues Dancing vs. Blues Music

    I really like Corey Harris and you all should too. :wink: He did an album with Henry Butler that, come to think of it, I haven't listened to in too long a time. A couple of CDs that always make me feel like blues dancing are Kansas City and Kansas City After Dark--Blues in the Dark, Pagin'...
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    If ballroom dance stuff is overdone, why do people do it?

    Maybe they ought to turn the lights down. None of the dancers on stage at Forever Tango had orange skin. Three of the women were downright pale. They looked good and were performing for people a good distance away.
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    If ballroom dance stuff is overdone, why do people do it?

    No way. A woman of my close acquaintance is a pale redhead. Beautiful. I went to see Forever Tango with her a few nights ago. As we walked down the aisle, heads were turning on both sides. She'd look terrible (and unnatural) with a tan. And no one looks good with a fake tan.
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    Women asking men to dance.

    Well Saturday night is not a dancer's night at any of the regular venues. In my experience what you get is a lot of women who have never done salsa (or probably any other partner dance). And, yeah, a lot of them come with their "I've got my defenses up because I think I'm in a meat market"...
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    Women asking men to dance.

    What planet did you just arrive from SalsaAmore? This is San Francisco. Women don't ask men to dance at salsa venues. When I go out for lindy hop and balboa I usually get asked to dance a few times a night, but salsa? Only women I already know.