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    What do you expect from the men you dance with?

    They also don't mention actually showing up at milongas, so you should just stay home and you'll be the best leader ever.
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    Jacket/sport coat fabric

    I don't get it. How does a shirt affect the ratio of your height and weight?
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    Looking for Help with Specific Chorophobia - Partner Dancing

    Take a deep breath and tell yourself that there's nothing wrong with you. It's perfectly fine that you don't know the first thing about partner dancing - dancing is a skill that can be learned, and not knowing how is not a moral failing on your part. Go take a class - Swing, Salsa, Tango...
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    Scott Coates resigns from USA Dance Governing Council

    Why are all these USA Dance threads in the General forum? They seem only relevant to Ballroom.
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    Giro timing - again

    Who is the 'you' here? The leader, the follower, or both?
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    Tango Priorities…#1: Embellishments..! ;)

    Thanks, I needed a good laugh today.
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    Not touchy feely

    If I were to ever find a magic lamp and was granted three wishes, surely one of them would be to get rid of April Fool's Day.
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    Gentleman's club enjoys great success until....

    I have a feeling the story is all a joke. "but I can see my third-cousin-twice-removed naked any time." ... said a 34 year old. That would make her either the grandmother or the granddaughter of his third cousin, which wouldn't seem like an appealing age to see naked...
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    Been Diss'ed?

    Hopefully this is sarcasm, but if not, I'd get banned for saying what I really want to say.
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    Good dancers don't ask, beginning dancers I want to refuse

    I call this the Groucho Marx phase of social dancing ("I would never join a club that would have me as a member"). I think most people go through this at some point. There's no way out except to (1) become a better dancer, and (2) learn to enjoy dancing with your peers (in this case, other...
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    How to improve musicality

    That's the simple version, but tango music doesn't always follow those rules. La Yumba is actually in 4/8 time - you can see the score here: Is it 2 beats per measure, or 4? That only matters to the musicians reading the score - to...
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    Isn't Tango appropriate for married men or women ?

    You know you're replying to a ten-year-old post, right? It'd be remarkable if he was still here, trying to figure out what to tell his wife...
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    Crushing on Salsa Instructor

    Argentine Tango is the best dance in the world, but don't ask your Salsa instructor to teach it to you - that's like asking your dentist to fix your car (or worse, asking your mechanic to give you a root canal).
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    first signal of closed embrace

    One bit of imagery that I've thought of, but have never shared before, so it may not actually be of any use, is the following: Imagine you're moving a piano. You've loaded it into the moving truck and driven to the destination, and are now unloading it. There's a ramp you need to move it down...