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    2014 USA Dance Nationals venue

    Thanks Daphna, that is very useful.
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    2014 USA Dance Nationals venue

    All Everyone, does anyone know if the 2014 USA Dance nationals is going to be in LA or Baltimore?
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    USA Dance Nationals 2011--Back to Baltimore!

    Recalling 7 for final Hi, is it a tradition to recall 7 for the finals at us nationals? Why then were some heats a six couple final? Thanks
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    iphone apps for tempo changes - useful tool for dancers!

    You can thank me later :> I have this app called "slow notes music player" on the iphone. It does many of the things talked about. And best of all, IT'S FREE!!
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    Slavik & Anna

    The scores are quite interesting. {seems the WDC has removed this content from their website} Samba was closer than expected between #1 and #2 couples
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    Idea: iphone app for scrutineering/judging

    Hmmmmm, want to take this on? :)
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    Idea: iphone app for scrutineering/judging

    Hmmmm, wild thought: it may even be easier if it was a Java app (online). Any phone would be able to use it. Maybe it would also make interfacing with O2CM easier? I am still dreaming about that.
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    Idea: iphone app for scrutineering/judging

    yeah seriously...i would pay for this app.
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    Idea: iphone app for scrutineering/judging

    I wonder if any has thought of making an iphone app that has skating rules. I think it would be fun to bring to competition and when the finalists are announced, you enter the numbers into the app and you can "play adjudicator" and mark the dancers. It is really a different feeling marking...
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    2009 World Pro Latin

    If you look at the scores, Formica was actually pretty darn close to winning the samba over malitowski.
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    Slavik & Anna

    thanks for the link. a fine line exists between looking relaxed and lazy.
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    Who is this couple?????

    I love evgeni's dancing and don't understand why he doesnt place higher nowadays. also, as an aside, rachael is dancing with gregor rebula now.
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    A nice jive lesson by Shirly and Riccardo

    thanks for posting tht was great.
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    Slavik & Anna

    Love the samba
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    Skufca and Torokgyorgy

    I thought their samba was the best. On an somewhat related note...