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    Solo Dancing Tips?

    Hello everyone, One thing I've noticed about myself is that I'm really not very good at solo dancing. I'm not good at improvisation or creativity, so when it comes to solo dancing I typically end up just doing the Charleston for ages, or in solo jam circles I will stick to moves from the shim...
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    Seeking name of a move I saw

    Sounds like you were describing a free spin. Both lead and follow do a turn and then connect back in open position. You can stylize with a clap halfway through the turn or other variations.
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    To troupe or not to troupe?

    Thank you for your responses! I actually did finally make an appointment with a therapist. I was hoping I would be able to discuss this with her, but unfortunately she didn't have any openings until next Thursday, and the deadline to join the troupe is this Sunday. I do know that when I dance...
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    To troupe or not to troupe?

    Hello everyone. I am new to swing dancing, I was introduced to it late December, and I've been religiously attending weekly classes and social dances since early January. I absolutely love swing. I have found a passion I never even knew I had, and I can't get enough. I even found a social dance...