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    Holland America does not have ballroom dancing

    And most importantly, let them know why you canceled. Otherwise, they'll have no idea that people still want dancing enough to make the difference of whether or not to book a cruise.
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    How to deal with slick shoes

    Like @cornutt, I prefer fast floors, and just let my suede soles mat down until they're shiny. But All Balboa Weekend 2016 had a portable dance floor so slick that I saw three people fall, and myself slipped and nearly fell several times before I went and scuffed my shoes on the sidewalk...
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    Why are so many men lousy navigators?

    It was an allusion to a common idiom ("the elephant in the room") about focusing on minutiae while ignoring the big things, not to the way elephants move. While I haven't seen the egg demo, I have seen elephants move quite delicately.
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    New dancer and forum member.

    I tell beginner follows who start apologizing for every (perceived) missed lead that they only need to say "Sorry" if I say "Ow". Half the time they did the move right anyway, it was just unfamiliar to them....
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    When you should quit dancing? - Poll

    FTFY. :)
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    When you should quit dancing? - Poll

    Nice article. We have two wheelchair-bound leads who attend the local Saturday swing dance semi-regularly. One of them was at all three days of last week's PittStop lindy exchange.
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    Lindy Hop Playlist

    It's not a playlist per se, but check out DJ Chrisbe's Song of the Week. 260 songs for Lindy Hop, Balboa, and other swing and blues dances, with some discussion of each. He has a link to a Spotify playlist of the songs, but I can't verify it since I'm not on S.
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    What is Blues Dancing?

    Ask ten people, you'll get at least ten different answers.... As mentioned in the Wikipedia article Steve linked, "blues dance" is an umbrella term. Just like Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, and Carolina/Collegiate/St.Louis Shag are all considered swing dances, Harlem Ballroomin', Jukin'...
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    asian mind set vs european/america mind set

    Meet Hong Kong's 1958 cha-cha champion.
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    Dance-related Scientific Articles

    Of course, one does have to be quite careful which articles one uses as assistance. I mentioned upstream that I've been filtering out most pure sociology/ethnography papers. Here's a particular example of a less-than-useless paper: Someone got a 20-page journal article out of "analyzing" a...
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    Dance-related Scientific Articles

    You'll notice that nearly all of the articles in my last post are from 2016 and 2017. I had no idea either that there was such a large stream of scholarly publications related to dancing.
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    Funniest things that students have said to dance instructors

    Another one for the Instructors list: "Gentlemen, whip your ladies." (M. Nunez IIRC, lesson at Swing Fling WCS convention ca 2008)
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    Dance-related Scientific Articles

    More articles I've come across in the past four months: B. Schuller, F. Eyben, and G. Rigoll. "Fast and Robust Meter and Tempo Recognition for the Automatic Discrimination of Ballroom Dance Styles", International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (2007). F. Matzdorf and R...
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    I'm going over to the corner where the old people are

    I'm no spring chicken anymore myself, but yesterday I had a 20-something woman offer, in the middle of a song, to take off her dress right then and there :o :o OK, that requires lots of context :) This was at the KISSME in Ann Arbor lindy exchange, whose "special thing" is dancing in the...
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    Looking for Help with Specific Chorophobia - Partner Dancing

    The S in WCS is a relic of its origin as a derivative of Lindy Hop, but over the years it's moved further and further away by following the musical trends of the time. When I started it ten years ago, there was still a bit of swing left (for the other dancers here: I was taught to dance my...