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    Amateur Couples in America

    Well I don't know if this counts, but I started as an adult, and our "studio" was at a corporate ballroom - they let us use it for free and even paid our teacher, so he could keep his fees really low (he also had a day job). All they wanted in return was a little performance a couple of times a...
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    The truth about a coach’s competitive history

    This may be true, but competitions may be really small (as in straight final). He never claimed they were major, did he?
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    Suitcase Recommendations

    My husband got his carry-on suitcase taken by someone from the overhead bin. It was black, that's why I bought a set of green ones. I've had a good experience (3 years with no dents - including international travel) with Pierre Cardin 4-piece set from Macy's. Although the smallest piece is...
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    muscle breakdown and muscle memory

    My old partner did quite a bit of weightlifting, and that affected his flexibilitya lot. Also he had to work extra hard on keeping his shoulders down because they always looked raised. I don't think it did anythign to his muscle memory though.
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    Black Dresses

    I have black latin dress with hot pink accessories. When my teacher saw me practicing in it, he liked it a lot, but after the competition (straight final) he said I should not wear it again. It looks fine to me on the video, but he thought it contributed to our low placement (he knew the other...
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    Went on a date with someone from dance, I need some advice

    I failed to return messages from guys I liked at that age... And my (now) husband made quite a few attempts before we started dating (although I was older then)... I don't think not returning a message is a good indicator. Phone her to invite her to see a movie or something like that and see...
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    Eligible for Nationals?

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    Style and Technique: A Rant

    Huh, and how would one teach ballrom couple to be genius or have chemistry?
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    Partner Crushes

    I only know of one case of teacher/student relationship with a happy end, not sure if that was at FA or AM... and yes it did put the instructor back on the job market.
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    Ladie! The adjustable shoe heel, coming to a store near you?

    This won't work because the arch of a high-heel shoe is much different from that of a flat.
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    DWTS - Season 4, Week 9 - (spoilers)

    Oh, I had no idea they prohibited outside help now. Looking at Cheryl and Ian, I thougth Wendy is losing her steam lol
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    DWTS - Season 4, Week 9 - (spoilers)

    Yes, but it was very loud and clear. I guess I thought someone responsible for editing would check on that. (Maks apologized later)
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    DWTS - Season 4, Week 9 - (spoilers)

    I was shocked that they did not cut out Max cursing. That part was not even live!
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    Keep Smiling

    I tried vaseline on my (two front) teeth and it did help. I was dehydrated and my mouth felt really dry. The best thing to do is what fascination said - drink tons of water for several days before the comp - but vaseline trick is the last resort.
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    How to Make This?

    I would sew together a string (like drawstring) of the same fabric and stone it, and then attach a hook on the end so it can be fastened on the bottom (so it's removable).