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    Whining Thread #2

    I love it. Recently I read an article about these friends that started a company after the death of one of them & they called it save 2nd base, at her request. I liked that one also. Sorry it is a sad topic.
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    Bowling shoes!

    I have seen adds for bowling/salsa parties. Wonder if any went....
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    Hey, I find that I am starting to respond automatically to certain leads. Pretty exciting, since this is why I started with the lessons. I still get confused when social dancing, but in class I know what to do or what will come next based on the way a certain pattern ended LOL. I am gonna...
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    Ever feel like just hanging it up?

    Everyone...well almost...with whom I dance does this. We use different instructors or different classes for different reasons.
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    Why Dance?

    I havent read your older posts, but I take lessons where there are often more guys than girls in the classes. I hear this happens at a few different studios in my area. I dont think those guys would say they are there bc girls dance. I think they go bc they enjoy dancing and want to improve...
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    I have recently dicovered that I enjoy being challenged during group lessons than I previous was. I am starting to take a lesson which is called intensive; but it is comparable to intermediate lessons that I take 3xweek at an other studio. Looking forward to social dancing this weekend, if I...
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    Making up my mind if I should go to the class tonight where we will review the cape thing and tunnel thing and other kinds of turns. Would be good to practice but could end very late.
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    So ... how was your dance weekend?

    I went to a social dance at a newish studio. My friends take lessons regularly at one study & I at another one. I am working on this cape move in my classes. I should have tried to teach the guys that I was dancing with. In hind site I think they would have liked it.s
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    Is it me, or are we getting sick more often?

    Wow...a ton of info. In general I would agree with the original poster. I was sick once this summer and once the mid of Dec. I used to never get sick. In fact I have had jobs where I never even took a sick day :snicker
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    Did you have a good year?

    Getting rid of the ex was the catalyst for all events that occurred this year! I picked up dancing as an interest. Now, I am out almost 5 nights per week doing some Latin dancing and once per month or less :( trying to relearn Hustle. I am meeting really nice people & getting exercise at the...
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    Calling all hustle dancers!

    I think I was just looking under new posts and this. Since I started dancing (latin) I want to do Hustle as an althernative. Had privates in Hustle years ago. Been to a few Hustle dance parties that I really enjoyed. Was going to post about this cruise I saw advertised...
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    diamant, werner kern VS supadance, int'l, ray rose, DN

    I have been posting and waiting to get shoes for a long time...small feet. I Finally got shoes online. Glad to be rid of the Very Fine speed buckle...the hook would hook into the strap in the wrong place and it was a PIA to get out and buckle/hook into place. But the heel is high, an...
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    lessons: what are you working on?

    I have to learn how to do a double turn. I finished beg I & beg II. Now the intermediate class, which has no beginning, since the people who take the class have been in it since forever. Right away I have to do all these moves w/o instruction. Makes it seem difficult. So, I need to figure...
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    diamant, werner kern VS supadance, int'l, ray rose, DN

    Interesting thread. I too read a bunch of posts before plunging into ordering new shoes. It is so diffucult bc everyone around here gets them on line; and if you call a local store they wont talk to you and tell you to use the web site (which was broken) **roll eyes**. So, now I see that...
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    Happy Birthday Chachacat!

    Happy b-day