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    Favorite Waltz Music

    Here's another page long list of songs in 3/4. One or two are beyond my ability if danceable at all. I decided to compile the list when looking for new songs to teach with this coming weekend. I'm teaching a group of social dancers, so was looking for more contemporary pieces. Some are from this...
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    College Dancing

    I used to teach ballroom and swing for the University of Idaho, though with a focus on the social aspect of dance rather than the choreographed/competition side of things. They still have 1 credit classes offered in both and just over the border Washington State offers varying levels of...
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    Dance Grammar

    In writing about dance, would you consider the names of dances proper nouns? Should Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot always be capitalized or no? I lean toward yes. I always capitalize the names of swing dances, "East Coast, West Coast, Lindy Hop," but sometimes find myself inclined to write "waltz, or...
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    Cursed Dance Plateau

    A great blog post I think most of us can relate to. Odd spacing in the link exists because I can't post links. rebeccabrightly . com/cursed-dance-plateau/
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    Why You Should Dance (with other people)

    Belated, but thanks! (haven't been on in a while)
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    What's the difference: Lindy Hop Vs. East Coast Swing?

    I dance and teach both Lindy and what I call vernacular East Coast Swing. Lindy Hop is taught with an eight count basic called a "swing out". The lindy circle oft referred to in this post is a method for getting into closed position in order to facilitate tuck turns, side by side Charleston...
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    Women asking men to dance.

    I like being asked to dance. On the very rare occasion I do say no, it's always with a promise to find her later. One I always follow through with, if sometimes to the follow's surprise. In a lot of situations I've seen it's the difference between a good follow and a mediocre one who have...
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    If you want either..

    I disagree that WCS and Lindy are two different animals. I dance both and feel they're very similar. The moves translate easily from one dance to the other and the connection you need to make with your partner is almost identical. In my experience WCS is more technical and as others have stated...
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    What is this dance?

    I'm glad someone said it. I dance everything I can (caveat), but am primarily from the social swing dance community. In my experience the (what I like to call vernacular) swing dances are: East Coast Swing (single and triple, though triple step seems to be directly related to ballroom dance...
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    What is this dance?

    Yeah, that's pretty much just triple step East Coast with a lot of styling imo.
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    Push Break, In Lindy?

    On the extremely technical side, I've heard it said that push-break is the West Coast term and Sugar Push the Lindy term for the same move. The two are essentially the same dance with technical and stylistic differences, anyway. When I learned both dances, I was told that West Coast...
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    Why You Should Dance (with other people)

    An article I wrote for my company's intranet. Preaching to the choir here, but I thought I'd share. How’s your health? How’s your fitness? How’s your memory? When was the last time you really connected with your significant other? There’s a panacea for all these things that anyone can do, and...
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    Jack and Jill in ballroom comp?

    Jack & Jills are my favorite competitions to watch. I think really the easiest way is to have two hats, one for leads and one for follows. Draw each name, call the dancer's to the floor, have them do their thing. One of the things I love about them is that they're about what matters to...
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    Lindy Hop in London

    I have a friend into Lindy who's heading to London this summer, have any recommendations for where she should go to dance?
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    Savoy vs. Smooth Lindy

    Thank you all. I especially appreciate your answer Flat Shoes, it's certainly the most zen of answers. -laughs- I laugh, but mean the compliment seriously. Anyway, glad to hear that what I was missing was history rather than current debate.