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    Dallas Ballroom/Latin Competitions

    Thanks latingal! you too! :) Thanks for the suggestions muyv, I'll look into those. I'm not even sure yet if I'll have the opportunity for any ballroom while in Dallas or not, but if so, I'd like to have an idea or 2 of what's around.
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    Manhattan Amateur Classic (MAC) 2010

    Does anyone know if the general admission spectator tickets for Saturday night are expected to sell out or not? I'll be going with a couple friends to watch and one of them wants to know if it will be safe to buy her ticket at the door or earlier in the day.
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    Fort Worth Shuffle

    Years ago, at a studio in Rhode Island, I used to watch one of the instructors dance this with a student, while the rest of us were dancing quickstep, at every studio party... I always wondered what dance they were doing with all that spinning... interesting to now know what it was :)
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    Ballroom in Dallas?

    Hey all, My dance partner/fiancée and I just graduated college and will be heading to Dallas Texas this summer to begin working full time (we both went to school in Indiana, so it's a big move). We've found a Latin coach that our coach recommended to us, but I was wondering if anyone knew of...
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    Dallas Ballroom/Latin Competitions

    Hey guys, I know it's been a very long time since I posted last... I've taken a bit of a break from dance due to financial and personal reasons, but have just recently started getting back into it :) Anyway, I'll be in Dallas for approximately 5 days, spanning the first weekend in March...
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    Happy Birthday Fascination!!!!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FASCINATION!!!!!!!:cheers::banana:
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    DWTS: Starts Season Six Tonight!

    oh man! completely forgot about it and forgot to set my vcr..... well, hopefully my history class will get out early enough for me to get home to catch most of it
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    Granted! and you're visiting him! I wish the semester was over already
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    Psychology of competition- what do you think about?

    I'd say that each time I compete, it would be slightly different. How I get myself to focus/concentrate/perform well/etc is largely based on how I'm feeling physically and emotionally, how the routines and the dancing are feeling, how many people I'm competing against, and sooo many other...
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    Word Association

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    2008 Harvard Invitational

    I was told by a comp worker that only callback lists were available via wifi during the comp.... not the actual marks or placements
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    Seventh Annual Boston University Terrier Dancesport Competition

    and123, I wasn't competing that weekend and was just there watching, but I remember hearing that song too... don't remember specifically which song it was, but I too thought it was an international speed. I recall being very glad I wasn't on the comp floor for that song in smooth. (it did seem...
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    Seventh Annual Boston University Terrier Dancesport Competition

    You were there??? I didn't see you! I wish I knew you were there, I would have come over to chat for a bit :)
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    Seventh Annual Boston University Terrier Dancesport Competition

    any idea on why the photographer only posted photos of certain couples? I followed the link above, but what loaded was a page of photo galleries of photos of 45 couples. Any idea what happened to all the rest? or were those all he took for some reason?
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    Word Association

    Sweedish Chef