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    [social dancing] When it's okay to criticize your partner

    Hey, In Response to the original post. I think there is no set answer. It depends on the situation...Sometimes criticism it may be appropriate and beneficial. I have received lots of constructive feedback (and plenty of the opposite too.) Sometimes it is really beneficial, and helps me a...
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    Partner Matching

    How do you rate peoples attitudes towards dance? Anyone reading this post is probably a really serious dancer. But how does a person in charge of a college ballroom dancing club evaluate how serious a person is about dancing... I think that is really what makes or breaks a dance partnership...
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    West Coast Syllabus

    I think the hostility towards a WCS syllabus is because people tend to think of it as just a list of patterns. Yes, it can be only a list of patterns, but it could also be a list of techniques, and other "stuff" that makes WCS what it is. So in my opinion I would define a good WCS syllabus as...
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    "Real" WCS Music

    I am occasionally a DJ for a small dance studio and dance venues out in the Boondocks around Maryland. I play Mustang Sally sometimes. I just announce it as a swing, and some people will be doing a slow Triple East coast swing, and others will be doing West Coast Swing. There is also a couple...
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    Best food to have before competition

    With dancing and other sports, My opinion is just do what you normally do. If you never eat breakfast in the morning, then don't eat breakfast. If you always eat breakfast, then you should eat something, even if you have to eat it way earlier, or a little later than normal. Competition isn't...
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    You should write a book!

    There is an electrical contractors field reference book called "The Ugly Book" or something very similiar. I have said "according to the Ugly Book the result is this:" Rip
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    Dancing in Louisville, KY August 22, or 23.

    Hey Dance Forums, I will be in Louisville, KY Thursday night August 22, till Tuesday morning--August 27th. I am doing a big race on Sunday August 25th. I don't know for sure I will have time to go dancing on Thursday or Friday night, but just in case I do, can any of you give me...
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    massage before dance?

    My opinion comes from another sport. "Don't do anything new before a big race" Everything should be tried out in training way before the big event. That advice is for racing triathlons, but I think it applies here as well. Whether it is a massage or something else, I think you should try...
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    What modern song can you dance the viennese waltz to for wedding?

    A new to me song that I think is cool is "Welcome to Mystery" by the Plain White T's. (off of the Alice in wonderland soundtrack) It is a cool song, but it is in the zone that is Very fast for a slow waltz, but slow for a V. Waltz. _Rip.
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    Entertaining Teenage Boys...HELP!!!

    I think your best bet is to ask the boys and ask their parents what they are wanting to do / get out of this visit. I think a lot of good ideas have been shared, but if you can narrow what they want out, you may be able to plan a little better. Good luck, Rip
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    Cabeceo promotes better dancing

    How about Cabaceo outside of Argentine Tango? I am just taking up TA, but I just realized that many places where I dance now with ballroom, latin, or swing. I sometimes find myself getting dances by doing the same stuff as cabaceo is described as.. I look at some some ladies and right away I...
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    Dieting discoveries

    I only quoted one of the two posts I am responding to. How do you define "Healthy Diet". If anyone asked me to define a healthy diet. I would turn, duck, hide and avoid this topic. I think each of us are so varied in our makeup, activities, and stuff, that a healthy diet cannot be defined...
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    Can a Dress Help You Dance Better?

    Being a guy, I only wear a dress for Halloween or some other goofy reason. But whether you are a guy or a gal, I think putting some thoughts into how you dress for the event (Not just dancing events either). Whether it is formal, informal, or whatever. Builds confidence, and I think the...
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    The Reason For Suede Soles

    In my limited experience/opinion consistency in the floor is way more important. Meaning if the floor is slow it is slow throughout, and if it is fast--well it is fast throughout. I think one of the cool things about suede soles is that it is "forgiving" in that it averages all the floor...
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    restoring old Tango recordings

    In my opinion, today storage space is really cheap. Even though on your system if you can't tell a difference between 320kpbs mp3 and lossless, now, it is entirely possible in the future to be able to tell a difference. And once it's lost well it is lost. And no matter how much it costs to...