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    Holland America does not have ballroom dancing

    OP, it's not clear to me what the purpose of your post is. Some possibilities: Want to make others aware of the new situation so they don't inadvertently book a cruise thinking there will be good ballroom dancing only to be disappointed? Looking for alternative cruises better suited to you...
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    Sorry--"the 5 beats of Foxtrot" was short hand for "the five beats of foxtrot that we had worked on for close to an hour during an earlier lesson": a few steps that I was having difficulty with which was described a few posts back. I have absolutely no idea why I though what I wrote would be...
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    How to deal with slick shoes

    The floor of the studio I dance at was finished with something--it might be wax--eons ago and the result is that we all have shoes that we only wear there. We're used to it, and the shoes we wear there are actually fine on it. However, it is treacherous for visiting dancers. When David...
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    Open Telemark, or Outside Change to PP

    :rofl: My poor teacher in a lesson last week:" You are already facing where you need to be. Did I turn you? So why are you turning yourself?" If finally sunk in....
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    I always assume that I will get something corrected after practicing it at home, or at least there will be a few iterations of, "is this what you meant?" While getting it right the first time would be even better, I find that the correction is clearer after I'm at least doing something wrong...
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    How to deal with slick shoes

    Do you know what the treatment/finish is of the floor in question? Or, if you have been dancing on a variety of floors, your shoes may have picked up something from a previous floor. People sometimes wet the soles of their shoes lightly, but I'm hoping somebody else will be able to give...
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    exposing too much when dancing

    After this discussion, think I'll switch to wearing my hot pink dance shorts under my dress when I compete from now on....
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    exposing too much when dancing

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    Surviving the apocalypse

    And duct/duck tape would most likely prove more useful than q-tips.
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    Annoyed at influx of newbie couples to the dance scene

    I am really confused by a lot of this. I am also single and, yeah, absolutely, I have a much better time if the couples split up part of the time. However, they aren't in any way "ruining the scene" if they don't--it's the same as if they aren't there as far as my dancing is concerned. I...
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    coupons and other money saving activities

    Ditto not buying drinks (coffee, water, etc.) away from home and only rarely buy prepared food or eating out. Big money saver. When I do eat out, it is usually a social event with friends and the always choose moderately priced places. It is easy for me to not buy things at the moment because...
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    We spent an hour on 5 beats of foxtrot earlier in the week, with some of it modified to make it easier. I'm happy to say that in my next lesson we could begin where we left, and drop the modifications. The overall theme these days is improving my connection and making it more sensitive and...
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    Standard Lady: where does she look?

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    Standard Lady: where does she look?

    Wow! I never knew that. Interesting for horse riding as well.
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    Teacher helps handicapped girl experience dance

    The issue is that the video is not showing up. It says no longer available.