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    Making Ballroom sound like Argentine

    Blue Tango, Jealousie, Hernando's Hidaway, and an original we call "Astoria". The Scott Joplin tune "Solace" is in our book, but we play that more of a bolero. One thing that was suggested is to have an accordion, any sort of accordion. Unfortunately, the accordionists I know aren't tango...
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    Making Ballroom sound like Argentine

    Hi all: I have a ballroom dance band. It has an instrumentation similar to a swing band, but smaller. We play the full range of ballroom dance music, including ballroom tango. We've been asked to play some Argentine tangos. We do have some tangos in our book already, and am willing to...
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    Anyone know how to dance Rock'n'Roll

    On the social dancing side... When we play dances, we sort of sneak in rock tunes that are easy to dance to, then start making it slowly trickier. Some examples would be "Old Time Rock And Roll" (WC swing), "Louie Louie" (Cha Cha), "Rock Around the Clock" (EC swing), and "All My Loving"...
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    Classical Ballroom Music

    Good luck, as the piece is in 5/4. The Habenera from Bizet's "Carmen" would make a good tango. The fugue portion from the 4th movement of Beethoven's 9th symphony would be a quickstep, albeit just long enough for contest.
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    Instructor wanted

    I am looking for an instructor in the Cincinnati, Ohio area who is looking for a new challenge. We are a band that specializes in ballroom dance music. We are looking for someone to 'front' the band, i.e. announce and count off the tunes, and be the smiling genial host/hostess for the group...
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    Anyone here ever make a mylar mirror?

    I might suggest instead of hardboard, use one of those polystyrene balls available at the craft shops.
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    Dancing to live music

    Is it possible to waltz with a two-count instead of a three-count?
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    Dancing to live music

    I like to challenge the dancers. I've discoved many pop rock hits of the 60's and 70's make good chachas by just adding a little "thumthum" on the high tom in the 4th beat. I've also turned "Over the Rainbow" into a waltz, "When the Saint Go Marching In" a polka, and created "The Blue Danube...
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    Dancing to live music

    Most rock, country, and funk bands learn their songs by ear off the records. I find the weakness with that is that they take away their own ability to improvise - they think that their audiences want no improvisation either. But the greatest of great jazz bands (e.g. Basie and Ellington), the...
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    Dancing to live music

    When I started putting together a ballroom dance band last year, these were the very things that were pointed out to me. Fortunately, I was able to do several things right. Before writing out all the arrangements, I visited a dance studio and got advice. The owner was very nice about...
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    Getting the Word Out About Dance Events

    I've found the local DanceUSA website to be useful. Also, I'll go to the other dance studios in town with posters and flyers for them to put up or distribute.
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    Mixing country with formal ballroom

    You should be able to hear MIDI files on a number of players, including RealPlayer and Microsoft Media Player. Oddly, a number of controls that work for Wave and MP3 files don't work for MIDI, such as equalizers and visual wave displays. So glad you asked.
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    Mixing country with formal ballroom

    It depends. If the MIDI was performed in real time, the notes sort of blur together messily with a bunch of strange time staffs. But if the music was typed in (using a program like Finale), alot of MIDIs translate cleanly when converted back to sheet music.
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    Big Wood Floor Needed

    Lumber Liquidators 3103 E Chestnut Exp SPRINGFIELD, MO 65802 Phone: 417-459-4421 Email:
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    Mixing country with formal ballroom

    The piano player's left hand. I wrote the bass part to line up with the 'on the beat' notes, and it seems to work out well. Most of the time I let the piano player just improvise, but this time I found a good transcription at Sorry no. I'm not near...