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    Dancing with Parkinson's Disease

    Ballroom dancing has helped alleviate my symptoms that come from Parkinson's disease. Dancing to the beat helps cue up my brain that sends the signal down to my feet for them to move on time. Keeping the different parts of my body moving in sync helps coordination. Balance is helped by the...
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    I envy the good waltzer's effortless rise and graceful fall combined with delicate arm movements but the truth is those attributes are hard for me to achieve too. To finish each step with feet together and not rushing into the next step even while doing simple box steps is difficult. And while...
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    A Newbie's Guide to Dance Forums

    <<Sometimes your instructor’s eyes meet yours over your partner’s shoulder, and you share a special moment.>> Level 3 <<You learn to use your body in new ways, and some of the moves feel wonderful. Sometimes you and your instructor share a special moment.>> Level 4 <<You work long and hard;>>...
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    taking lessons with outside teachers - help

    After 2 years at the bronze level, I once had a visiting coach with world class credentials whose only message to me for 45 minutes was to keep my spine straight during my cha cha, constantly reinforced the message by having me start over by standing with my back pressed to the wall, then come...
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    Signed up for first showcase -- opinions needed

    Payment in advance for 20 showcase lessons was a new policy instituted which I objected to at first as grasping until I realized there was a slight discount subtracted from the "regular" lesson price. I knew that I'd use them all up and more anyway because I like to tinker with the choreography...
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    Signed up for first showcase -- opinions needed

    A showcase will be less trouble to learn and demand less practice time and produce a better result if it is in a dance style in which one already knows at least a few of the bronze steps and can perform them with good technique. To get a decent performance, it's great to have a head start of...
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    age differential

    I like to watch the few married couples (at comps) who are about the same age as they dance on the floor. They don't have to try hard to simulate love and romance. One melting look is enough. Among pro/am couples, a wide age difference can be a turn-off if the older pro "shows off" too much with...
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    I want to replace my dance instructor with another instructor..Help?!

    A chatty instructive teacher is great. A little silliness here and there during an instructive lesson is "the cream in my coffee" and is what I value most since I dance for fun first and foremost. Of course I'm not going to have fun if I'm not showing improvement. Charm is important but can't...
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    First Ever Comp (Franchise) - Need Guidance

    Proficiency scores in themselves explain little without the help of a pro to interpret them. The standard in which you are judged may be low or high (novices, for example, only have to know the basic step and show proper timing to get "first place"). At full bronze, the difference between a 90...
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    First Ever Comp (Franchise) - Need Guidance

    That was meant as a joke. I was not attacking the probity of any comp.
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    First Ever Comp (Franchise) - Need Guidance

    I danced like a stork at my first franchise comp (another franchise) and can remember nothing particular about my dancing ability except for spinning my foxtrot out of bounds. "The judges can't see you there," my instructor told me. I was uncomfortable at the ballroom and felt like an outsider...
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    [social dancing] Increase your chances of getting asked

    I don't smile much when sitting on the sidelines at a social but am attracted by a woman who makes eye contact and if we "lock eyes" I feel compelled to offer a dance. I would rather dance with a small group of people (from my own party or the same studio) not because of exclusivity but because...
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    Being Competitive beyond the dance floor

    I suffered a dislocated shoulder one year ago after being assaulted. 8 weeks later, after enduring the worst pain of my life, after the cast was off I was back in the studio preparing for the next comp coming in 2 months. I was told by my orthopedist that it would be okay provided I rehabbed the...
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    Social Dancing: Why So Critical?

    You're psychic. That has been the focus lately of my cha cha lessons. (elbow)
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    Social Dancing: Why So Critical?

    I have danced cha cha socially a thousand times and go through basically the same routine with everyone. I start with the basic step, then go to cross side breaks. If that goes poorly the dance goes bust and I'm forced to go back to the basic, maybe do forward and backward steps with forced...