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    Club Dancing- Amazing clip, must see!

    Hmmm, if that is so, someone direct me to good bolero or AT sites/threads/etc, I'd like to look into it
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    Club Dancing- Amazing clip, must see!

    Hmmm, anyone else? I still think that takes a lot of skill and practice, you don't see people do that in clubs often.
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    Club Dancing- Amazing clip, must see!

    Hey I found this online, and wow, I only wish I ran into girls who dance like this more often! By the way, what's it called when she goes down like that? It's not a bootydrop is it? Who else thinks that this dance move is one of the most sexy things in the club dancing scene...
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    Teach me how to do this lol

    You can't see the legs moving so it's difficult to say, but most of the advice here looks great
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    give me the goods

    I don't recall the names, but i remember there was a great 80's club up there in NYC
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    Learning Hiphop moves

    I'd also like some links to add to my resources too if anyone knows any
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    The Electric Slide

    Haven't seen it in SLC, UT at all to be honest
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    where to find dancing clip art

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    Hip hop steps (newbie)

    Just learn how to grind, that's most of the hiphop you'll see in clubs/high school dances
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    Have you ever felt this way after your show???

    It's normal, dont sweat it.
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    Please Help! Dancing at Prom!

    Amazing guide! Props to you sir! I might add, just read up on some grinding guides online, that's pretty much all that happens at highschool dances, even the formal ones. Good luck bro!
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    Have you ever felt all danced out?

    Yes, after hours of grinding your thighs start to get sore, lol.
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    Altering a dress?

    There's some good guides for doing that online, browse around
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    So You Think You Can Dance 2 - May Premiere

    Wow, very interesting
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    Do you think that not having a good healthy hygiene prevents great dancing?

    For your partener, absolutely. For you, if you're selfconscious