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    how can I learn to dance like this guy?

    Try practicing the steps of your favorite band. Practice can make you perfect.
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    Pain in the foot

    But I don't think it is a muscle cramp. I feel like my veins are bursting.
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    Pain in the foot

    Hi there, Recently, I am experiencing deep pain in the instep of the foot. I am not able to do practice. What might it be? I need a solution for the pain.
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    Flash mob hits on the Youtube

    Your favorite flash mob hits on Youtube. Do you have any? Planning to do a flash mob regarding charity any creative ideas?
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    Who is your favourite dancer?

    MJ is the evergreen dancer. I loved his performance.
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    A Newbie's Guide to Dance Forums

    Great info!! Thank you.
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    Opera dance

    I would like to know the websites for opera tutorial. I would like to get the videos and music for it, also the choreographer. Someone please help.
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    Dance floor

    What type of flooring would you choose for your dance club? Smooth flooring?
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    Why Do Dancers Smoke?

    I don't use smoke.
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    Dancing With Mistakes: Why To Correct May Be Incorrect

    But I am not considering the mistakes because dance is just the movement of body according to the music.
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    What made you smile today?

    My friend's unexcepted gift.:);)
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    Dancing at home

    Thank you!! StrongLead. I was also surfing for the products for my dance floor. We planned to start a dance club for the teens and changed my upstair lobby as the practice floor, but there are some problems facing the floor work is not yet finished. I was planning to do epoxy. How about dance...
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    How smiling is related to aging

    Can smiling reduce your aging? How it is associated with aging?
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    The Biggest Mistakes Dancers Make

    It is very interesting!! Thankyou.
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    Can I get a tutorial for belly dance?

    Can I get a tutorial for belly dance? Can someone suggest the online sites for tutorial?