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    For Sale?

    Hi Liz I saw a lady advertising VERY inexpensive costumes and such on our site. Look for posts made by a lady named Winnie. I am not sure if she has practice wear but the costumes she was selling were from $70 - $150. They were posted on ebay and looked decent... but you can't tell much...
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    Pet Peeves at Dances

    Hiya Phil I have definately seen all of the things that bother you. As a teacher, I would have to say some are very disappointing to see happen to say the least. The attitude/snobbery/criticism is definately one of them. Especially when I have a new student at a dance and its towards him...
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    Mambo HELP please :]

    Hi Alyssa I believe the first thing that should be asked is do you have a problem finding the "1" beat in other types of music? When I teach my students I always start with easier music to identify the 1 -2 -3 -4 . I find it easiet in club type songs because the beats are very pronounced...