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    Wanna be a Salsa Show Host?

    Salsa On2 is currently looking for hip, talented, well spoken individuals to be part of our new online shows. Congratulations to Irene and Rita for joining our team! Imagine, this could be you. Check it out, you’ll love it and you'll have so much fun!! Guys and gals are welcome! Contact us if...
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    Does height matter in salsa dancing?

    Good point. Think about Dan and Ahtoy, for instance. Ahtoy is probably only 5ft2. There are a lot of turn patterns you can still execute when there is a significant difference is heights, but you do need a repertoire. As far as concentrating, this becomes less of an issue with experience.
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    New Years Eve salsa parties in NYC

    I would say no. The Copa used to do something, but that closed down not long ago. Wednesdays is not a big salsa night, but there might be something at LQs for NYE. A lot pf people use NYE to chill with family and friends and do something on a smaller scale or non-salsa related. A lot...
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    Chicago this weekend?

    Green Dolphin doesn't seem to be the spot anymore. GD competes with another club for Tuesday, yet as the previous post mentions, there are other days with no good salsa options for salseros?
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    what is on two and on one? What's the difference

    I would say the same for On1. I've seen On1 dancers that are very smooth outside of the USA.
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    Phillipine Salsa Festival 2008

    Any reviews?
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    Salsa in Moscow

    I would love to get to Moscow sometime to dance. I've heard good things about the place.
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    Chicago this weekend?

    Chicago is a fun town for salsa.
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    Check it out! Article in today's NY Times about salsa scene/mention of NY Congress!

    No offense to anyone, but Saturday Choco is having a social. If I were in NYC, I would go to that rather than trying to find Mario's studio in NJ. Sorry about the bad time at LQs, but dancers don't usually go there. There are other options that have not been mentioned and are not in the...
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    I CAN DANCE! Again!

    I hope this question does not offend anyone, but I am intgerested in knowing if your injury was dance related?
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    U.S. Presidential Elections 2008

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    U.S. Presidential Elections 2008

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    U.S. Presidential Elections 2008

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    Salsa in Miami

    Are there any good places for dancing On2 in Miami?
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    Why do people give up salsa?

    Everything under the sun.