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    Is 5 patterns really enough?

    One of the most important thing when you dance is your posture (frame) no matter what moves you are doing. I remember when I just started salsa (after doing ballroom for many years) I knew just two moves - basic and crossbody lead. And I was way more popular than the guy next to me who was...
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    Should I dance Salsa if I don't like Salsa music?

    Well - this has been taken from my bio page - ''If you, like me, have been dancing salsa or bachata for quite a while, you’ve probably noticed – whether it’s a class or a party, there are some songs which are being played over and over and over again. I have been salsa instructor for more than...
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    Bachata and salsa remixes of popular songs

    I am not allowed to post any links yet, but I recently started to mix my own salsa and bachata music, please check out Believer – Imagine Dragons