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    steps to "esta pegao" & "latinos" by proyecto uno

    I see people line dancing different variations of steps to the songs "esta pegao" and "latinos" by the band "proyecto uno" in salsa clubs here in germany. sometimes the group follows some commands for turning and others given by one of the dancers. What i look for is not the line dance...
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    "electric slide" and line dancing variations to merengue (tiburon - proyecto uno)?

    In some salsa clubs here in Germany i see sometimes people dancing "electric slide" and doing other line dancing variations to songs like "tiburon" by proyecto uno and other that i do not know the titles of. I know the steps of electric slide but do not know any variations of it. What sort...
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    Who can tell me the Artist/Title of that (rican?) song......

    I,ve found the song already. It's "Ven rumbero" by Dominic or another version by Alex Leon. Thanks for your views.
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    Who can tell me the Artist/Title of that (rican?) song......

    Hi@all! I have a song i like very much a i've heard at least 2 versions of it. The lyrics in the chorus goes like: "...Ven rumbero para que cantes conmigo...." Who can tell me the title and by whom it is? Thanks in advance!
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    Rueda more link with rueda-clips:
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    Stepping-Style on videos by Jami Josephson,on1/on2/power2?

    I'm sorry for the links, i'm going to edit my posting and delete the links. Maybe you can put this posting again into the right forum i wrote into originally.
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    Stepping-Style on videos by Jami Josephson,on1/on2/power2?

    I've tried to find on many websites some definite info on the style of "Club Salsa videos vol 1-3" and "lady's styling" and i wasn't successful. Would someone please tell me what sort of stepping style are these videos about. Is it the "on1"-style or the NY2(Eddie Torres?) or power2/mambo...
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    on2 styles comparison. Which is the most spread one? Where?

    SDsalsaguy: I've no doubt this is the case, and you can even have your personal opinion on which song fits better which style of dancing. You can even go still further and divide a song in parts and say that some part of a song fits better one style and another part a different style...
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    Video on body(-parts) movement like shaking, rolling, ...?

    I think one of the most wonderful and difficult aspects of dancing (salsa) and what we most admire seeing others doing it well are all the "strange" things you can do with your body like rolling your shoulders or hips or shaking them or even making them "tremble" like some samba dancers do. A...
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    What is the best Cuban & on2 salsa video series?

    Hi! I've got the whole series of salsa a la cubana. This is an excellent course if it's enough for you, brujo, to have a lot of different turns/combos demonstrated with the music and then counted slowly by Eric Freeman. What i do not like about the series is the fact that they explain...
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    How to "convert" shines/turns betw. on1/NY2/power2

    Hi! I have some (instructional) videos with shines and turns of different salsa styles: on1, NY2, power2, cuban style. And i wonder if there are any general guidelines on how to adapt turns or shines from the way they are danced in one style to another style. What are the main points one...
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    hi! Tahnks for your instructive answers. But there is still something unclear to me about pivoting and spot-turning. Why is a spot turn not a pivot turn or a spin? Would anybody be so kind to explain the relationship between the 3 turns in a KONTRASTIVE WAY? When is the meaning...
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    salsa covers of pop songs like "yesterday": more?

    Hi! I'd like to create a list of salsa remakes of standards like "yesterday" or other less popular, originally not salsa songs. Here are some: Orquesta La Palabra - Lady Cheo Feliciano - Yesterday Ray Sepulveda - The Fool On The Hill (Eng Salsa). Tropical tribute to the Beatles...
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    on2 styles comparison. Which is the most spread one? Where?

    Thanks for your instructive answers! Now I'm a bit more comfortable about learning "on2". What do you think about the following ideas of Razzmtazz about the 2 styles: I think it a bit "provocative" and pretty ignorant. As though...
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    on2 styles comparison. Which is the most spread one? Where?

    Hi! People, as myself, wanting to learn dancing/breaking "on2" are confronted with the question: Which of the different "on2" styles, espacially regarding the different footwork, shall i learn? That's why I have some questions about "on2" styles: 1. Are there only 2 "on2" styles...