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    Where do I go from basic steps?

    Best Thing Take Private Lessons Hi Cajun, I live in Miami and for years the Cuban style or casino has been the most popular dance, but lately has begun to expand the style On1 and On2. Some of my friends I know, visited Naples and she went to a club where a few group of salseros were...
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    Where to buy shoes online?

    You may find some good dancing shoes at this link:
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    Salsa Rueda Congress, Miami, Nov 15-18

    I'm definately going out on Friday, but the Salsa Party opening will be at YUCA restaurant (501 Lincoln Rd. , Miami Beach, Fl. 33139 ) on Thursday (11/15/07) night where they turn the tables out for dancing.
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    Salsa in Miami

    Hi Alemana, I havent heard anything from Canadian Club , I heard this place is starting. Also I heard there will be another salsa ballroom around that area. I'm not sure.
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    Salsa in Miami

    Goldcoast Ballroom teaches on Sunday but not LA Style, it's more like NY Style. Check their schedule at AAaah and I forgot to tell you that Cafe Mystique gives an introduction of basic steps of Salsa Casino on Thursday (between 11:30pm and...
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    Long hair issues...

    Personally I love dancing with girls who has long hair, I find them pretty sexy and I could say very exotic too. But when some girls wears ponytails , those I have to be careful when doing the spining, that is like long belt if I get hit in my face. :)
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    "Yay Boy" -- what's it about?

    Hi Big 10 , I'm a fan of Africando and I have many songs from them that has good rhythm. I like specially "Moliendo Cafe" and "Aitcha". About "Yay Boy" I think I was one of the first people who bought that song that came in a Variety Singer Album called "Dancing Salsa USA Mix Vol. 2" , May...
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    Salsa in Miami

    Hi MF16, Here are some updates where you can dance im Miami and around the area: Cafe Mystique 7250 NW , 11 st. Miami, Fl. 33126 305 262-9500 Located right next to Days Inn Airport Hotel. Thursday and Sunday night , doors open at 10:00pm but mostly people start arriving around...
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    I dislike Cuban style... but I may be too quick to judge

    I love cuban style and I have done it for more than 9 years, but also I have danced the N.Y. Style. The difference are in the turning patterns and the steps , you all know that. However I've seen people who has danced NY style for more than 5 years and dont have that improve in their steps...
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    song identification help, please

    The Har-You Percussion I found the sample Mp3 of Welcome to the Party by Har-You Percussion, I purchased this song online thru Walmart. It's pretty good if you are really into percussion.
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    The Crush Effect

    I get more excited and if my partner sees my signal that we have to move on to second stage (extra fancy turns) , she will do it with great confidence.
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    Breaking on 3?

    I usually break on 3 since casino is my style but lately I've seen many people who is beginning to break on 2 in my town. So it's not hard for me to break on 2 either. Now my question is, do you like better to break on 3 or break on 2? , whoever dances both ways. Personally I like breaking on 3.
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    Play that funky music now - salsaversion needed!!

    I was going to refer Carlos Oliva y Los Sobrinos del Juez , but you got it Lucretia :) . Also try the version of " La Bola " .
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    song identification help, please

    Thank you Starry and Spaniard. I downloaded the song and I love the percussion. Jazzanova vs. Har You Percussion Group. I have always admired Salsa Freak and Liquid Silver ( their style ). They do a nice chemestry dancing. Thank you guys.
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    Searching for Partners online?

    I found one of my best salsa dance partner online at but that was 10 years ago. We dance sometimes together at a Ballroom Dancing. I would say that one out of 100 you will find a salsa partner online. Good luck.