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    Las Brisas Night Club ( is another one that's just a bit north of downtown Toronto. I've never been to this club. According to, Son de Cali is performing there this Saturday. But according to the club's website, Carlos Cruz and his...
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    Here's another link, but I'm not sure if it's updated, so you may want to call places first, to check: From the list, Babalúu ( has a warmer/...
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    Also The Dovercourt House (, 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month.
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    Here is a good link: but read carefully, because not everything is in chronological or geographical order. If you go to Plaza Flamingo and don't find what you're looking for, you can walk across the street and go to El...
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    For the bachata fanatics out there-a serious question

    Over time, I have come to appreciate what it means when it is said that the leader may lead the dance, but the follower allows the dance to happen. Yes, it often means that a woman is submitting to a man's lead, but sometimes it means a man is submitting to a man, or a woman is submitting to a...
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    For the bachata fanatics out there-a serious question

    I enjoyed both clips, for different reasons. For me, the closer the bachata, the better, and in a club, I would prefer to dance it like clip #2 vs. clip #1. Not all the moves are to my taste, but the feeling is there. Now, if I had a room full of spectators watching me, I don't know if I...
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    bachata guitare notes

    Here's one: ¡PURA BACHATA! Inventory # HL 00310946 ISBN: 0634054414 UPC: 73999109467
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    Why is Musicality So Hard/Rare to Find in Salsa?

    I sometimes think that salseros are like dancefloor amusement rides, on whom salseras get to ride :). I think I have been striving for a musicality, where taken individually, our musicality may not be much, or may not need to be much, but taken together, our movements feel like they match the...
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    Why is Musicality So Hard/Rare to Find in Salsa?

    Nice clip, and yes I would say the lead and follow in this clip are musical, both, individually, and as a pair. At 00:25 of this clip one can see a curved line from the lead's left fingertip to the follow's right fingertip. This is the kind of shape that I think is more common in ballroom than...
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    Why is Musicality So Hard/Rare to Find in Salsa?

    I often contemplate the meaning of musicality. When a salsero does shines, he can be musical by himself. When a salsera does shines, she can be musical by herself. When a salsero and salsera break off into shines, they can each be musical, individually. When a salsero and salsera partner, they...
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    Follows helping leads improve?

    I've thought about this some more, and I think the best help an advanced salsera can offer, is simply agreeing to dance with improving salseros, and then making the most of every dance you dance. Aspire to be the kind of salsera with whom all salseros want to dance. Technique, musicality...
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    Salsa Music - English

    Album: ¡Cubanismo! in New Orleans - Mardi Gras Mambo
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    In search for Cuban salsa but NOT casino

    some vids here: (I love Cubana hip motion, mmmmm ...) I wonder why the guy is sweating in this vid - she probably warned him before the performance that he better stick to son, and not try any of that casino stuff on her :)...
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    Movies About Tango

    The Spanish film, "Belle Epoque", has a nice gender-twisting tango scene
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    Melodic Salsa tune suggestions anyone?

    Oscar D'Leon & La India - Hazme El Amor Gilberto Santa Rosa - Conciencia