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    Heels on back steps - up or down?

    I'm not an expert. But I'd say that it really depends on the music at the moment. Generally in Cuban salsa the heel doesn't touch the ground even in the basic Guapea steps. That will slow you down if your plant your foot full flat on the ground. However, if you want to do something funky...
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    Does adding styling make the dance more fun?

    I think dancing to the music is a good thing. If a song doesn't warranty crazy turn patterns I won't do them.
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    Bachata only with Significant Other?

    I really think Bachata is no different than Salsa. You don't have to dance it close and you can control how sensual a dance is. Sames goes with Salsa.
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    Finding the right dance studio

    I switch all around from time to time. My instructors always encourages me to learn from as many as possible to find your own style.
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    Do all the better dancers, do it on2?

    I think it's a really great article that you wrote there. I think everyone will always have their own personal perference. For me it really depends on the song and what I'm trying to express. There are days when I prefer on 1 over 2 because it feels a lot more powerful to certain songs and...
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    Finding the right dance studio

    Found an interesting article online with some good tips on how to find a good dance studio. Choosing The Right Dance Studio For Learning Salsa When choosing a particular dance studio for Salsa or a dance studio in general one should evaluate the following questions below. The way you...