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    How on earth do leaders confuse the 1 and the 5?

    You must be talking of me - I have no musical background at all and am very happy to hear the 1 and the 5. And as long as I stay on the first beat most followers dont care. These who do really care start by themselfes. The steps remain the same. And let me tell you - dancing on 5 also is fun...
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    Salsa in Bucharest

    Posted this the wrong subforum: Ill be in Bucharest soon (21.-25. Sept.). Any recommendations where to have a nice night of dancing? Maybe here somebody has an answer?
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    Foreing DJs in Bucharest, Romania

    Ill be in Bucharest soon (21.-25. Sept.). Any recommendations to have a nice night of dancing?
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    hamburg congress

    Nice work, even found and recognízed myself :-)
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    hamburg congress

    I also was there and had lot of fun ... check out the official pics - maybe you are among the photographed ...
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    Berlin Salsacongress 2006

    I will be there ... Last year it was very nice congress. Check the pics on my site We had a lot of fun and it isnt expensive (if you need a vippass, I can get them for you for 89€) .... Cu there!
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    hamburg congress

    Yeah - me - also was there last year (pics on my site It's germanys biggest congress and festival.... HAMBURG - Im coming!!
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    Your salsa future

    Since we have not that many parties around, I started one year ago with organising some on my own.
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    aargh - smiling to a sad song

    Until recently (after an intervention by a salsera, who was pretty annoyed, I think she is going to read this), Aventura's "La Nina" has been played quite often. Though Im a beginner in spanish, I only get half of the meanings of the text. And when the melody is a happy one, its even harder...
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    I'm having an issue with my dance studio, what should I do?

    Looks like they are not interested anymore in neither you nor your money - so why don't change the studio?
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    Another etiquitte question

    Please don't start by yourself. At the moment Im trying to get the ChaCha and for this I need to count in "1 - 2 - 4 - and - 5 ..". If the follower starts by herself, Ill never get accustomed to the beat. But once we are into the dancing, I dont have no problems at all, when being told - in a...
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    hamburg congress

    2006? Who is coming? Who is planning to come to the Congress this year (21st-23rd July) I think Ill be around, taking some pics, watching the good dancers from around europe and the world do their thing and maybe even dance a bit myself :)
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    Salsa in Barcelona

    If you would have used ... ;-) you would have found: Enjoy your time in Barcelona. Entrance is often 10€ incl. a drink.
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    Whenever I will be in Romania and dance with you, I will keep that in mind! greatz Max
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    People taking photos at salsa events ...

    I like taking pictures and I do it for free for everybody - right now there are over 9000 pics online on my homepage I always try to get the attention of the people - who dont know me already, and where I know they have nothing against being fotographed - before I take...