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    US National Amateur Dancesport Championships in Provo

    can someone post a link to see the entries?
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    Dance Snobbery

    Probably because it feels the best for them, and works better for dancing than the 'social' hold. Not dancing your best should not be an option - and 'hiding' your ability is not, either.
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    Spring Fling

    It is so 'underground' with no publicity and no web presence... it's a such a well run and friendly comp, too. Well, there are still 4 days to go....
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    sexual chemistry in latin dancing

    I think that it's bad to look for 'chemistry' because if it is a prerequisite for dance quality, you will be at the mercy of your hormones. Ditto when folks say they are unable to dance unless the music is 'good'.
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    fake tan and make up again

    Maybe you should review all the posts before you make a blanket denunciation of all cosmetic tanning methods....
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    Recommended Competitions For Syllabus Dancers

    I don't think so, if 'good' means depth of field (you always want more competitors) and low cost versus the dance experience. The best comps for am/am tend to be comps that cater to them; oftentimes the comps that are Proam-centric can leave am/am competitors marginalized - for example, putting...
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    How many comp entries?

    For the last few years, am couples have shied away from the NDCA, Proam-centric comps, originally due to the special 'ndca membership' imposed on the ams, and then the discovery that ams are treated much better by the am and local promoters, who showcase them rather than putting the ams in off...
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    Syllabus and Open Dancing

    I think it all gets down to what the customer thinks that dance IS. When you start, all you 'see' is symmetrical movement (2 people seem to do the same thing) and that's why at the very basic level you have things like the 'magic box', that old cliche 'lady moves on her right foot because...
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    what to do when your pro cancels you

    I dunno. You dodged a bullet, but you have no reason to belive that it is now "ok". in the future, as your dancing becomes more advanced, you'll need a teacher that puts in the time with you that you need. it might be ok now, but missing lessons and practices is what separates the successes...
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    Richard Gleave and WDC statements

    I dunno, 'time marches on' and the look that was 'correct' 30 years ago is not what is happening now. Quality of dance has progressed a lot and while some of the 'look' might have changed, I suppose that the 'look' today is more in keeping with what the dancers of today feel the dances...
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    what to do when your pro cancels you

    Your teacher DOES have another line of work - studio owner. It is not the same as being a teacher. Sounds to me like the studio owner part of him is 'juggling' the lessons for his financial and personal well being. This impacts you since when a change in his plans or his business happens, he...
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    What do do with a student who resists learning?

    These are good ideas, for sure. What bothers me most about the situation is that my quality of teaching is not in question - the student acknowledges the progress - the student even notes that the improvements came since she started lessoning - but she seems to be using the studio as a stage or...
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    What do do with a student who resists learning?

    Is the student allowed to decide how the lesson is taught, or what to selectively not learn? If the student does not want to learn a natural turn, how do you proceed?
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    What do do with a student who resists learning?

    So here's how the lesson went last night: the student came in complaining of low energy and aching muscles. And when told that her wish for more dancing was to be granted, she then complained that she didn't have the strength, so could the lesson be less dancing! I think that her 'rose...